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December 30, 2016

Useful Resources and Tips to Start a Business Podcast

Starting a podcast is the best way to give a voice to your business.

“Twenty-one percent of Americans ages 12 and up have listened to a podcast in the past month.” — Source



The Podcasting Strategy

The primary goal of starting a podcast is to enthrall your audience. You will encourage more people to listen to your podcast if you have a friendly conversation and provide them with a unique experience.

You can’t have a dull podcast and expect to reap followers and business. Remember, don’t podcast because everyone’s doing it. You need to have a well thought out strategy that will help you gain regular listeners.

You need to, at the same time, know that self-doubt is the biggest obstacle to creating a good podcast.


Listen to other podcasts and think about how you will give personality to your content that will be different from others.

Understand the business you are in and then define the objectives of your podcast:

  1. Showcase your expertise
  2. Build enthusiasm for your products
  3. Get more conversions
  4. Build brand awareness

Once you have the objectives of the podcast clear in your head, you know exactly how to go about scripting each one.

You may just take notes or have the complete script ready with you but, in most cases, the style of your podcast must be conversational.

Create a schedule for your podcast and then have each of the topics ready with you. You may wish to do 15 to 20 podcasts spread over two to three months to get a basic channel presence in place.

Create a landing page for your podcast to showcase it to your targeted audience.

Do a nice introduction of yourself and your business in the beginning of your podcast. You can add a little bit of humor to keep it light-hearted and get the users listening.

You can have a single voice in your podcast, multiple experts hosting a single podcast or you could interview an expert and showcase that. Make a choice depending on your audience and your business objectives. In fact, you could include all three kinds of podcasts in your channel and showcase them alternatively.

Creating and Editing Your Podcasts


This is a free tool that you can use to record the audio for your podcast. You easily can use it for editing, mixing and mastering your audio files. The tool supports 30 audio formats and has a user-friendly interface and support to help create professional podcast audios.



Another easy and free tool for recording and editing your podcasts in Audacity. You can download it for Mac, Windows and Linux. The tool supports some basic audio file formats such as .MP3, .WAV. AIFF, and Ogg Vorbis. You can use sound effects and work on the quality of your podcast with this useful desktop tool.


Getting Your Podcast Hosted

This is a complete free hosting site for all kinds of audio, video and image files. The platform is where you can upload any sort of content for free. The only challenge is with the speed of the site and with replacing files once added.


This is another free to start podcast hosting service. The tool has got a user-friendly interface and allows you to have a profile page and a URL where you can showcase your podcasts. If you wish to analyze the results of your podcasting activity, then the paid version of the tool will be more helpful.


TalkShoe is another really interesting podcast and live radio hosting service that’s absolutely free. You can get up to 250 people to participate in your live show and an unlimited audience can listen to it. You can get participants to join in with Skype while you can also promote the podcast on your website. It is a free service and also has a revenue sharing model.


Libsyn is one of the most powerful and popular podcast hosting services. The minimum amount that you need to shell out for using Libsyn is $5/month. With this tool you can have a custom domain and page where you can share your podcasts. It also has a customized player to manage the look can feel of each of your podcasts, helping you make them more engaging. The tool helps you analyze how many people and from which location have downloaded your podcast.

The service also helps you with a custom mobile app for your business podcast, which your listeners can download on their mobile devices.  With this platform, you can easily manage your premium content subscriptions as well.


Podcast Distribution and Promotion

Besides your website and your social media pages, there are variety of podcast directories where you can submit your podcast and improve its visibility.


This is the most popular place to submit your podcast. People usually listen to podcasts on the iTunes desktop or the mobile app. There are quite a few other directories like Addict and Downcast which use content from iTunes, so your podcast will automatically be submitted to these once you have added it here.


The other important platform where you must submit your podcast is Stitcher. The mobile app for Android and iOS helps you easily create a partner’s account and add the RSS feed of your podcast. With this tool, you get to know the duration of which a user listened to your podcast.

You can also check out this list of podcast directories for to submit your podcast and make it more popular.

Adding your Podcast To YouTube

Once you have a business podcast that’s hosted appropriately and you have submitted it to the relevant directories as well, you can add another channel to promote it. You can easily create a slideshow of your podcast with the Windows Movie Maker tool using relevant images and then upload it to your YouTube channel. This way you can reach out to more of your target group and improve the ROI of your podcast.

Choosing A Microphone

You need to choose professional analog or a digital microphone to be able to record good quality podcasts that your listeners can enjoy. You can check out this list  to choose the hardware that best meets your requirements. Your business podcast will reap you long-term benefits and, thus, you must ensure it meets the requisite standards.

Make your podcast engaging and useful for your target audience. Have a definite strategy and start as quickly as possible. Podcasting is a unique channel and has a growing user-base, it is a worthwhile strategy to consider.


Abhishek Talreja is working as a digital marketing manager with Enterprise Monkey. He has a keen interest in technology and small business productivity. Enterprise Monkey helps SMEs and not-for-profits save time and money and increase revenue through automation, optimization and intelligence.