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January 4, 2017

Inirv React, the Smartest Home Safety Device That Turns off Stove Burners Before Structure Fires Can Start

With the ability to sense gas, smoke and prolonged absence, Inirv React is an IoT smart device that helps protect users from deadly accidents

Durham, NC — Inirv React is the most intelligent IoT kitchen gadget that can potentially save lives. Inirv React attaches directly to virtually any existing gas or electric stove knobs and is designed to detect and react to hazardous situations to help prevent house fires caused by stovetops that were left on. Currently, Inirv React is hosting a campaign on Kickstarter to raise $40,000 in 41 days to finalize production.

inirv-react-appWhen cooking using a stovetop, Inirv React automatically activates and monitors the kitchen for dangerous situations that may occur. Using Bluetooth technology, Inirv React’s sensor and knob units connect with each other so they can communicate seamlessly. The sensor unit is able to detect high levels of smoke, natural gas, and lack of motion, and react quickly by activating the knob units to shut off the burners and keep users safe.

“It is surprisingly easy to accidentally leave the stove on after cooking a meal, as I personally learned the hard way. After leaving the house with food on the stove, a fire started in my kitchen putting my home and loved ones at risk,” said Inirv React Cofounder Akshita Iyer. “With Inirv React, you will finally have peace of mind when it comes to the safety of your family and security of your home, even while you are away.”

Inirv React’s motion sensor works with a timer to determine if a stove has been unattended for too long. A default timer setting is immediately activated when the stove is turned on, however, a touch-sensor on the knob units allow users to alter the timer setting so the stove doesn’t unnecessarily turn off. In addition to its safety features, Inirv React’s Wi-Fi capability allows users to control their stoves remotely via smartphones and receive real-time updates regarding their kitchen environment. Inirv React’s unique combination of sensors and electronics provides comprehensive fire protection so users can have the peace of mind they deserve. 

Inirv React will be showcasing their innovative product at CES 2017 with product demos. Media is invited to visit the Inirv React booth located at Booth #50827 in Eureka Park. To learn more about Inirv React or to pre-order, visit

About Inirv

Inirv was cofounded by Ranjith Babu and Akshita Iyer. Babu is a resident neurosurgeon with a passion for improving the lives of others. Babu previously co-founded a biotechnology company that developed a device for the minimally invasive treatment of brain tumors. He however, seeks to save lives not only through medicine, but also by improving the safety of everyday devices. Iyer has had a long interest in entrepreneurship and has had extensive experience running a business. She previously performed numerous critical roles in a successful engineering firm and has acquired numerous valuable skills that ensure the success of a company. To learn more about Inirv, visit


One Response to “Inirv React, the Smartest Home Safety Device That Turns off Stove Burners Before Structure Fires Can Start

    I believe everyone should have one in their kitchen. Even if we have turned off our gas stove we don’t see what we can’t see. This device can make our worries away. This is a must have for our safety, safety of our homes and families.

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