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January 5, 2017

How & Why Good SEO Content Writing Should Be a Major Part of Your Online Strategy

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While it’s true that keywords don’t play the same part that they used to in SEO, they’re still a critical part of any good content strategy and, if you’re not targeting keywords in your content writing, you’re missing out on traffic, conversions and clicks.

Luckily, it’s not too late.

If you have yet to adopt keyword-focused content writing into your content strategy, read on to learn more about why you should be doing it now.

The 5 Biggest Reasons to Invest in Content Writing

While there are too many benefits to mention in content writing, here are a few of the most pronounced:

1. Targeted keyword content helps you connect with your target audience

Today, great content is all about targeting. E-mails should be targeted to list segments, content should be targeted to various audiences and ads should be targeted to certain demographics. By targeting keywords in your content, you’re just taking this laser-focused form of content marketing one step further.

In addition to helping your content show up for various search queries, targeting keywords also allows you to connect more efficiently with your target audience and the topics they care about. This, in turn, has the potential to boost your conversions and make your content more valuable than it’s ever been before.

2. Content that targets good keywords is more specific and, thus, more useful

In addition to being targeted, today’s successful content also needs to be useful. If it’s not helpful, it’s not worth much and it’s liable to get lost in the content sea. Unfortunately, if you’re not targeting keywords, you’re up against a wall when it comes to making your content truly useful.

Here’s why: people search long-tail keywords when they need information, answers to questions, or services. If you’re not targeting those same long-tail keywords in your content, then you’re missing the mark on providing quality, relevant, useful content for your consumers. This, in turn, also means that your would-be customers aren’t finding the content they need to help them solve their problems, so everybody loses.

3. Keywords can help you come up with new topic ideas

Anyone who has ever worked in content creation or distribution understands that, after some time, coming up with fresh ideas for content can be tough. After a while, topics begin to wear thin, and it can be difficult if not impossible to find a fresh new take on content that inspires your readers and makes people want to click on your headlines.

Luckily, keyword research is here to help.

While most people don’t regard keyword research as a valuable form of topic mining, it is, and doing it correctly can have massive and lasting repercussions on the success and diversity of your content strategy.

With that in mind, the next time you’re feeling stuck, go ahead and conduct some research on long-tail keywords. In addition to helping you get a feel for what your clients are searching for and why this simple step will also allow you to develop a more focused content strategy filled with valuable and unique topic ideas.

4. Researching keywords can set you apart from the crowd

To put it simply, researching keywords allows you to go deeper in your content, which, in turn, sets you apart from other content creators on the web. With more than 27 million pieces of content shared online each day, it’s clear that going the extra distance to differentiate yourself from the crowd is critical, and one of the best ways to do it is through keyword research.

By taking the time to pay attention to which keywords are getting the most searches and which seem to be the most in-demand, you can create content that tailors specifically to those keywords, which, in turn, differentiates your content from the masses.

5. Naturally-optimized content writing will help boost your SEO

Let’s not overlook the obvious one here: content writing can have an enormous impact on SEO. By targeting the correct keywords and ensuring that your content optimizes for them correctly, it’s easy to claim prominent Google rankings and boost your authority as a business. What’s more, it’s easy to outrank your competitors and become the authority for certain high-traffic keywords and phrases.

All of these things serve two purposes: in addition to helping you stand out online and create a more successful Web presence, they also help to ensure that your customers are getting the value they need from your content. This, after all, is the primary purpose of content writing in the first place.

The Case for Stellar SEO Copywriting

If you’re not researching keywords and using them in your online content, you should be.

Today, keywords play a much more sophisticated role in online content, and they’re one of the most powerful tools marketers can use to boost their online presence and up their marketing games.

In addition to that fact that this simple move helps you claim highly visible Google rankings, it’s also a great way to serve your clients, provide outstanding content, differentiate yourself from the competition, and stay on the bleeding edge of your industry – all of which helps you build a successful, long-lasting, highly authoritative online company you can be proud of.


Julia McCoy is the founder of Express Writers, a serial content marketer, and bestselling author. A dedicated self-starter since an early age, by age 13, she'd written a 200-page book and taught herself Internet marketing. At 19, Julia dropped out of college and a nursing degree to follow her passion, teach herself online writing, and start her agency. Within two years, Express Writers grew by 400 percent, and today, Julia’s agency serves more than 5,000 clients. Julia is a bestselling author, the creator of The Practical Content Strategy Certification Course, host of the Write Podcast and Twitter Chat #ContentWritingChat. She just published her second bestseller, Practical Content Strategy & Marketing, November 2017.

11 Responses to “How & Why Good SEO Content Writing Should Be a Major Part of Your Online Strategy

    avatar Gary Clare says:

    Yes, because quality content can help in better ranking.

    avatar iOS 10.2 Jailbreak says:

    Content is always, will always be the core of online marketing. Without proper content optimization one cannot simply expect things to go smooth. Even a slight change in content and placements can do wonders.

    Yes, it’s totally true that content is very much important to get high rank. Unique content helps us to rank high for generic keywords.

    It is 100% true quality content is one important factor in seo

    avatar Dipak Patil says:

    Right Julia content is king in seo.

    Great information. Content is definitely the major player now in SEO, and finding the right (or most popular) long tail keywords to blend into your content is a critical piece of the puzzle to make it all work together and get results. Thank you for the excellent article.

    These are some very good suggestions for great content marketing. Often, we are blindly trying to predict what the search user will be looking for instead of researching the keywords most used for that subject, which always provides the better results.

    avatar a2zcontent says:

    Hi Julia,
    that’s a really great article, I agree with your each every point that you have mentioned

    avatar Ankita jaiswal says:

    Proper Content Writing has really helped me to get my site up in ranking. I had read this article before and following this article I made some points by which i started writing the content in more systematic way with proper SEO tactic. Thanks for the Information.

    avatar Anuj Singh says:

    Great suggestions and tips for writing an article. This would really help to improve the site ranking.

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