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January 6, 2017

Ways to Expand Personal Branding Using Facebook Live

People browse social sites for almost two hours every day, according to The Telegraph. This information shows that people spend a lot of time browsing the Internet, making it easier for products or services to market online. One of the most popular social media sites is Facebook. Facebook services enable marketers to post, make a video or promote their products and services online. One of the famous trend today is Facebook Live.

So how can Facebook Live and other related Facebook services help you promote or expand personal branding?

Design a Strategy

First of all, you have to be ready. Being ready and planning your marketing strategy are some of the ways to ensure success in any business venture. Having the right business plan, formulating possible problems, finding solutions to these problems, and avoiding possible reasons for pitfalls are essential to any venture. Taking risk is also good but having backup plans are even better. Facebook has about 1.6 billion active users a day, and a lot of other businesses use this opportunity to market their product or service. The best way to gain more followers and views is by standing out.

Know the Competitors

Competition is healthy in any business. It is better if you know your competition so that you’ll know when to strike. A lot of companies use Facebook Live to promote their products. As you enter the competition, you must always be prepared and must have an edge over your competitors.

Customer Relations


Facebook Live enables customers to see live demonstrations on how a product or service works. This Facebook service enables real-time participation from loyal and potential customers, making the relationship between the business and the customers more personified. It enables the customer to react, like or comment on your product while you are demonstrating. It is also easy to use and, since a lot of people are using Facebook, the chances of others using the product or service is high. After all, the purpose of using this Facebook service is to gain customers and to reach out to them.


Endorse your Business and Yourself

Provide customers good information about your business. Explain why you came up with that product or service, how it works, how it can help the community, and how it can help the customer. Provide them with important and concise information about yourself. Keep it simple so that the attention is on your business and not on you. Do not be afraid to differentiate yourself from other businesses online. Being different is one of the key factors of letting customers know that your business exists. Since the business is personal, building an image is important.

Update Regularly

Updating regularly doesn’t always mean updating about your product or service only. Letting customers know about your opinions and ideas is also good since it gives the people the image you want to portray. But remember always to be subtle and humble. Keep it simple, concise and on-point.

Facebook Events

Use the Facebook Live and other Facebook services to your advantage by organizing events that promote your products or services. Set an event, invite people, and post updates. Through this, you can slowly make your way to the competition ladder.

The primary advantage of Facebook services is that it lets you communicate with your customers easily. By having a question and answer portions using Facebook Live’s comment section, you are already having a personal relationship with your customer. It shows that you are willing to listen to them and to interact.


Abegail Smith is a content writer at BuyRealMarketing. She offers and shares her prowess in online marketing articles.