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January 17, 2017

13 Ways to Use Twitter as an Effective Marketing Tool

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Twitter has effectively been our micro-blogging friend for a decade, changing the face of marketing. With this great marketing tool, one can easily convert 140-characters into an effective and succinct sales pitch. Here’s how…

1. Profile Set Up

Your profile picture and your bio are the most relevant info for describing your brand and will stick by every tweet you send out. Make sure you incorporate appropriate business info such as location, hours and a personalized logo.

2. Use ‘Lists’

A business needs to engage a myriad of organizations. For example, a restaurant may interact with bloggers for promotional activities; keep an eye out for competitors to stay on top of the game and vendors etc. You can now make up to 1,000 lists and each list can include up to 5,000 accounts.

3. Be selective on who you ‘follow’

Being selective so as to not have your Twitter clogged up is an important move. You wouldn’t want all the noise to drown out the tweets and interactions that actually matter. It is advisable to have the automatically follow feature turned off. Using tools like Audiense, Twitter Analytics, FollowerWonk etc., can be a good idea.

4. Twitter Moments

Twitter’s newly launched storytelling feature is also a great way to optimize engagement on your account. The content curation tool introduced by Twitter allows you to gather and share a collection of tweets about a specific topic. This can be used in case you want to market an event.

5. Switch on your DM

Direct messaging is often disabled by default. Learn to find your way around privacy settings and make sure this particular feature is enabled. These are the private messages sent to you and you need to be accessible to those who wish to reach out.

6. Twitter Advertising

Twitter marketing enables you to customize your ad to deliver to the people who matter the most to your business. Target followers of similar accounts through Twitter ads. Ads also give you the option to search according to relevant hash tags and help target previous customers, using your existing customer database.

7. Trending Topic

Hopping in on the trending Twitter topic yields many benefits. Some of these topics are sudden events; some of these can be planned well in advance. These heavily trafficked and heavily searched trending topics can open your brand to a wider audience.

8. Effective Sales Platform

Twitter is a platform well equipped to increase your restaurant sales – online as well as in store. Coupon-based marketing comes with a myriad of benefits.

i) It is exclusive to Twitter followers, which is a great way to reward them while enabling you to measure how your brand is performing on Twitter.

ii) It helps in increasing visibility and brand loyalty. Adding a few staples to it such as like, follow and retweet will multiply your audience.

9. Customer Service Tool

The last two years have brought a 2.5x increase in customer service conversations on Twitter. Immediate responses along with a solution will go a long way in showing you are a business that cares.

10. Engage as much as you can

Twitter engagements work on the 80/20 rule: 80 percent interaction, 20 percent about you. Sending personalized messages to your customers, reviewing their opinions and criticisms, and keeping a track of your followers will go a long way. Take the help of some apps that can help you better manage your followers, interactions, etc. This is especially appropriate if you are a 24-hour business.

11. Influencer Marketing

Apart from the followers, look out for the key influencers to follow. Keep an eye on the type of content they are sharing to hack some follows, likes and retweets. Klout is a tool that helps in identifying the most influential Twitter users. Be sure to acknowledge them if they do share your content. A single share from an influencer can put you on the map.

12. Break out some cool pics

Statistics show tweets with photos/videos get wider reach than plain content. Retweet percentage for such tweets increases by 150 percent and the number of clicks increase by 18 percent, approximately. These pictures/videos don’t necessarily have to be of professional quality. Even those taken with your Smartphone will work.

13. Keep a track: Tweets, as well as engagement earned

Going through the tweets of your target audience will give you insight into the pool of possibilities you should be tapping. Twitter offers Twitter analytics that can help measure the visibility and engagement your tweets receive. Use these analytics to understand what type of content is preferred by your audience.

Adopt these simple tips and tricks and be loved by Tweeples out there.


A serial entrepreneur with a focus on restaurant marketing, Seshu Madabushi has more than 15 years of experience working for Fortune 50 clients to mom and pop stores. In our latest venture, mKonnekt, we are creating a marketing platform that mines customer data to create personalized dining experiences.