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March 2, 2017

The Beginner’s Guide to Link Building

Hello and welcome to link building.

Whether you’ve just joined a marketing team, are trying out a side hustle, trying to learn beyond your marketing degree, or are trying to put your small business on the digital map, you’ve come to the right place.

You’re here because you know link building moves the search engine visibility needle.

Top search engine spots are highly competitive in every industry, and search rankings are vital for any business’ overall digital marketing strategy.

I’m here to tell you how link building works, what you can expect, and how you can get started.

There has to be a jumping-on point. And I believe that you’ll never be an effective link builder unless you understand the core concepts.

I build links every day and when not spending time with my family, it takes up most of my waking hours.

This blog post outlines principles and best practices I still follow in my daily work. If I’m ever in doubt, this is the knowledge I fall back on.

Fancy tricks are great, and I enjoy reading those successful link building case studies you see all over the SEO blogosphere – but you have to master the fundamentals before you try jumping through hoops.

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David Farkas is the founder and CEO of The Upper Ranks. David believes in a fully-custom approach to link building, where each client deserves a link building strategy tailor made to their individual needs. When he’s not in the office overseeing the link building operations (which is rare), you can catch him either spending quality time with his family or staying abreast on the latest digital marketing news.