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March 7, 2017

ActBlue Introduces Apple Pay

ActBlue is announcing its newest feature, Apple Pay on ActBlue forms. The use of Apple Pay will improve donors’ ease of use—particularly given that 40 percent of all contributions made through ActBlue are via mobile.

applepaygif-inf-275-1While Apple Pay has been around for a few years at physical merchants, Apple updated its iOS on iPhones in September to be able to accept Apple Pay in browsers. As a very early adopter of Apple Pay, ActBlue contribution forms will show Apple Pay as a payment option when a donor has Apple Pay set up with a credit card on their device.

Because ActBlue saw a 6.5 percent increase in conversion rates among users with Apple Pay active, it rolled it out to all federal campaign and committee in the fall, giving as many people as possible access to the feature prior to the election—with a total of a million dollars running through Apple Pay from September through Election Day.

Currently, federal campaigns, federal PACs, 527s, c3 and c4 nonprofits can all use Apple Pay, and ActBlue is working to clear state and local jurisdictions in the coming months to give candidates at every level of the electoral process access to this tool.

“With our adoption of Apple Pay, ActBlue made it possible for thousands of donors to give easily, and for thousands of campaigns to be 6.5 percent more effective—without either donors or campaigns having to do anything,” said Erin Hill, Executive Director of ActBlue. “We have always been committed to empowering small-dollar donors to contribute to the democratic process. And we’re proud to continue providing top-notch infrastructure that makes it easier for donors to give to progressive causes and Democratic candidates, up and down the ballot.”

ActBlue’s infrastructure is a shared resource for Democrats, progressives, and nonprofits across the country, and for the donors who want to support them. ActBlue has already helped raise $2,532,776 from 82,904 donations through Apple Pay.