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March 24, 2017

Facebook Live Now Available for Desktop Users Worldwide

Facebook Live is now live to all users around the globe — even those on laptops and desktops.

The popular platform, which officially launched more than a year ago to all mobile users, enables users to broadcast live before an audience.

“While it’s been possible for people to go live to Facebook from mobile devices since last year, desktop or laptop computers provide a stable camera setup that can be beneficial to many types of Facebook Live broadcasts — from Q&As to vlogs to tutorials to any broadcast from someone who isn’t on the move,” Facebook said in a blog post.

lol-macbookTo begin using Live via a laptop or desktop, click ‘Live Video’ from the top of your News Feed or Timeline, then follow the instructions for adding a description. Then choose your audience. As a Live broadcaster, you will be able to see the number of viewers, the names of friends tuning in and a real-time stream of comments. At the end of the broadcast, it will be saved to your Timeline.

“We’ve also added a new feature that makes it easy to use streaming software or external hardware when going live from a computer. This capability previously was possible only through a Page, but we’ve heard feedback from our community that it would be useful for profiles, too,” Facebook said.

“With this update, people can seamlessly share their screens, insert graphics, switch cameras, or use professional equipment in Facebook Live videos. They also have the option to broadcast to Facebook Groups they belong to, Facebook Events they’re part of, or Facebook Pages they manage.”

If you are a gamer, you will have an easier time streaming your PC gameplay to followers and will even be able to interact with them while you play. If you’re offering a tutorial or how-to guide, you can use on-screen graphics, titles and overlays. If you are an artist, you can switch seamlessly between cameras as you give instructions to your viewers.

If you need help setting up Live, you can use Facebook’s step-by-step guide.


Jennifer Cowan is the Managing Editor for SiteProNews.