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April 7, 2017

5 Essential Tips for Consistent Content Marketing Success

Some market experts claimed that content marketing would surely die in 2016, but, as every year before, content has yet to lose its place in marketing.

To make sure your content stays relevant, follow the tips below.

1. Get to know your audience

Learning about the audience you write for every day is essential to your success. Before writing, you must understand your readers. Good content actually doesn’t start with the perfect writing, but with researching the person who will read that content. It sometimes means watching TV shows or reading all those posts on social networks. If needed, go on popular forums on the topic you write about and read all the comments your potential readers left there. Join in the discussions. You’ll be amazed at the information you get and your content will reflect your understanding of your audience.

2. Learn how to be a better friend to your readers

After learning everything you can about the person on the other side of the screen, you need to become friends. Perfectly written content is not as important as tone and the relationship you build with your readers. Imagine your readers, think as they do, try to understand what they need from your content and write to their emotions.

There are many eBooks and articles about psychology and emotions on the Internet; read them to have a better understanding of the emotions of the average consumer.

Always incorporate a human element in your content.

3. Read the articles from other professionals and learn

After you get to know the people you write for, attract their attention with a sticky headline and keep it with great content. Yes, you’ve heard your reader doesn’t have time to read your entire article, but he will not even start if you don’t persuade him that you have the quality information to offer. That is the job of a headline — to draw the reader in.   Make use of bolded, underlined and italic, bullet points, big letters and paragraphs separated in three or four sentences. This breaks up your text and makes your article more readable.

4. Check the reliability of your content

Read a lot about the topic you write about. Read every day and check all relevant information in that field. Use only trustworthy sources for your content. In the era of information, you can’t get lazy with your facts. They will know if your content has information that is not reliable.

This era of information is actually to your advantage, however. Spend more time on researching if you are not sure of the facts you used in the article.

The first thing you should ask yourself after writing your article should be “is this article useful for my audience?” You may spend a lot of time  writing and researching the facts, but keeping it relevant and interesting is essential. Remember, there are approximately 900,000 new articles on the Internet every day, and every of them offers information. You need to make yours the most interesting.

5. Collect the feedback from your readers

Always spend time collecting feedback from your audience.

Ask your readers to comment on your articles or to answer the questions you asked. Read all comments carefully and always answer your readers personally.

As in every job, making good habits is the first step in forming a stable and solid base for success.


Lucy Benton is a marketing blogger and a goal-oriented leader who enjoys sharing tips and stories, currently works at Best Essay Tips as a chief editor. She studied creative and professional writing at Maharishi University of Management.