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April 20, 2017

How to Use Instagram for Business

To paraphrase Anglican bishop, philosopher and writer George Barkley, “if you are a brand and you are not on Instagram, are you even a brand?”

If you are on Instagram, then the penny has already dropped. You have realized just how important this platform is for your presence, reputation, creditability and your marketing strategy.

Why Is Instagram Important For Businesses?

Instagram has evolved from a run-of-the-mill photo-sharing app for aspiring photographers to one of the top 10 most used social media channels in the world; in a nutshell, just about everybody uses Instagram nowadays. To be precise, Instagram revealed back in December that there are now 600 million active monthly users that are responsible for posting more than 95 million photos and videos daily.


All of this data points overwhelmingly to the fact that people are spending plenty of time on Instagram, meaning it is now one of the most useful and essential tools for brand-building in every industry vertical. Add to that the fact that GlobalWebIndex discovered that 34 percent of all Instagram users actively follow brands they are thinking of buying from, and one in 10 use the “Shop Now” button on Instagram sponsored posts, and you have got yourself a pretty powerful platform.

The same study by GlobalWebIndex revealed that four in 10 Internet users have an Instagram account and on average spend around 2.81 hours each day on social networking.

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Alice Fairweather a Digital Ally, has contributed to many high-profile client campaigns for the last three years, including the likes of Tangle Teezer, House of Fraser and Quiz Clothing. The face behind the envy-inducing lifestyle blog, Zest of Alice, which covers a high-end range of fashion, food, photography and travel.