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July 14, 2017

Twitter Marketing: Here’s What You’re Doing Wrong

The marketers who succeed in their campaigns are the ones who have done things right. As a marketer you need to consider many things before launching a marketing campaign that will bring you a good return — and it’s the same with Twitter marketing as well. There are roughly 328 million active users on Twitter, making it a very good platform for social media marketers.

There are more than 500 million tweets sent each day. Despite the fact that the Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms with huge potential, not many marketers receive a great return from their Twitter marketing campaign. It’s because of the mistakes that they are making.

Common mistakes that marketers are making 

There may be thousands of small mistakes that marketers are making while launching their Twitter marketing campaign; however, we are not focusing on small errors. In this article, we will deal with the major mistakes that are leading marketers to failure.

1. Not being consistent: One of the biggest mistakes marketers make is not being consistent with their posting. It takes consistency to win the heart of your followers and also to get new followers. The brands and influencers with a sizable number of followers (who are also used for the influencer marketing by many brands) have been able to build sizable and loyal followers because of their consistency.

If you consistently post for a while, and then suddenly stop for weeks or months, you will have a very hard time engaging an audience. Try to post something valuable, at least once each day.

2. Not being social: Another mistake marketers are making is not being social. Being introverted will not provide any return on the Twitter platform. It’s necessary for marketers to share some valuable stuff for their followers and it’s also equally important to be involved in networking. Share your content, and also share others’ content to develop a relationship with other Twitter users on the same niche. You can do some social media outreach to find a valuable content to share.

However, you should not promote your content heavily. In fact, it is better to share others’ content and re-tweet most of the times while only promoting your content once in a while.

3. Refusing to re-tweet: Most people fail to realize the power of a re-tweet. One of the easiest ways to keep your account active is by sharing other’s content, and the easiest way to share other’s content is by re-tweeting. The re-tweet feature will not only allow you to share others’ content, it will also help you to develop a better network with your followers and grow your contacts.

Create a list of influencers that share valuable content to make re-tweeting easier. Influencers will notice you are consistently re-tweeting their posts, which also helps you to get more re-tweets on your posts. This study shows that 92 percent of Twitter users tweet more than once a day. However, you should not randomly re-tweet a lot or use hashtags carelessly.

4. Poor word choice: Your tweets will only last for a small period on others’ wall, and you only have 140 words to express yourself, so be careful while choosing words and stories for your tweets. However, we see many Twitter users sharing unnecessary tweets, vulgar tweets, irrelevant tweets, and tweets with a poor selection of words. This leads to less or even no engagement.

To avoid sending out insensitive tweets, stay current with trends, use hashtags to post relevant posts targeting relevant Twitter users. And, you should also correct your mistakes and apologize for your tweets if necessary to maintain a good image among your followers.

5. Not replying to mentions: The responsive brands are more likely to develop a better relationship with their followers in comparison to brands that ignore others. This is the reason why even famous people try to reply to mentions once in a while despite having thousands of followers. By replying to mentions, you will be able to develop a better relationship with your follower base.

6. Too much automation: There are many tools developed for automatic posting and scheduling of tweets. This sounds cool and it helps in maintaining the consistency of your Twitter account; however, there are many disadvantages of automating everything. By automating your Twitter account, it will become impossible for you to increase your followers or maintain a good relationship with them. It will only make your account as a robot that tweets on a regular basis.

Instead of fully automating your Twitter account, schedule a reasonable number of tweets and also make sure that you respond to comments on your posts in real time. It will help you to achieve a better result.


I cannot guarantee that you will be successful in your Twitter marketing campaign after reading this article; however, it will help you avoid the common Twitter marketing mistakes that other marketers are making. Studies show customers are likely to recommend specific brands if they experience good service from their Twitter account.

Avoid common mistakes; keep on learning, and develop an awesome strategy to get a great return from your Twitter marketing campaigns.


Stevan Mcgrath is a digital marketing professional who possesses expertise in brand design and development. Stevan is passionate about utilizing his diverse skill sets for new and innovative online marketing strategies. He has worked as a freelancer and a contributor to Provenseo. Despite having a wide influential reach, he seeks client satisfaction as his topmost priority. He also writes blog posts on recent digital marketing trends. To know his work and more details you can follow him on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.