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July 18, 2017

Six Ways Influencer Marketers Can Help With Your Social Media Approach

A great way to help build your brand is with influencer marketing. Finding an already successful influencer to partner with and promote each other can provide a boost for both of you. Influencer marketing techniques have been taking off in recent years and are becoming a force to be reckoned with in social marketing.

A successful influencer has an already established audience to put your brand in front of and help get your content noticed. And when you partner with them, you offer that influencer the same new exposure and brand awareness.

Influencer marketing can help boost your social media approach in the following six ways:

1. Trust

Influence marketers have built a community of followers. Those followers tend to feel like they have a relationship with the influencer that is based upon credibility and trust earned over time.

By promoting that influencer, you draw the attention of their audience and gain trust that audience has placed in that influencer. And if you are adequately representing the influencers brand values, they will also promote your content and you both benefit.

2. Increases Brand Noticeability

Influencer marketing will expand your positioning and reach. If you are providing quality content for about your brand, with a coherent message, social media users will notice. If your strategy includes promoting an established influencer, you have tapped into their trust and their audience numbers.

The relationship only gets better when they share your content. But to get them to share your content, you need to be putting forth the best representation of your brand so that when the influencer sees what you have, they will want to share it too. It then becomes a win-win for both of you.

3. Enhances Your Social Media

It’s not always easy to come up with a continuous stream of fresh content. Sometimes you just run out of new ideas. Adding content from another influencer can fill in those gaps. Also, sharing their high-quality content adds credibility to your brand and marketing.

4. Reaches the Audience Your Targeting 

Pick an influencer who has an audience that you want to target and already represents what you want to incorporate into your brand. That influencer has already built a community that you want to reach and has an audience that will be interested in your brand.

This saves you a lot of work in figuring out where that audience is and how to reach them since the influencer marketer you have found has already done all of that for you.

5. Value for Your Planned Audience

The successful influence marketer is already providing quality content that is appreciated by an audience. Promoting their content brings that value to your intended audience too. This provides benefits to you and the influencer.

Inbound marketing is creating content that educates, inspires or addresses problems for your planned audience. This is one of the goals of influence marketing and using an established influencer helps accomplish that.

6. Potential Partnerships

If you share other influencers’ content, they will notice. If you have a quality brand and a message that matches theirs, then you have the potential to build partnerships. Partnering together to deliver content to your shared audiences can provide a serious boost to your social marketing and brand building.

The two of you could work together to host joint events and social marketing campaigns that build from each other. Again, obvious benefits for both of your brands and increased value for your social media platforms and audience.

Final Words

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been struggling to build your brand through social media, or just getting ready to start; influencer marketing is an excellent way to get the process going.

An already successful influence marketer has built an audience that you want to tap into. Sharing their content makes your brand and helps the influence marketer with increased exposure too. You need to be providing quality content of your own and a brand message that they will want to be associated with. If so, they will probably start to share your content on their social media platforms. Joint partnerships and marketing can easily follow, which will provide a beneficial boost for both of you.


Jay Pritchard is a social media strategist and frequently studies the rise of micro influencer marketing. Twitter is his favorite network for fun and Pinterest is his favorite for revenue. Follow Jay to keep up with the latest breaking news in the world of social media and sponsored mentions.