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August 15, 2017

Amazon Echo’s Biggest Hardware Problems

Amazon Echo is an amazing addition to any Smart home and makes for a great start when buying Smart devices. Echo and the smaller Echo Dot still have some kinks to work out, but they’re both great Smart hubs and devices. There are software problems that you can mostly fix with a quick power cycle or an update, but what about hardware problems?

With hardware problems you have fewer fixes available, and unfortunately more headaches. Sadly, with problems like the ones I’m about to mention, you usually have a defective Echo on your hands, so hold onto your warranty. In most cases, there aren’t ways to fix Echo hardware issues, but there are ways to bypass them.

Amazon Echo Microphone Problems

There’s one big problem the Echo microphone usually has, and that’s picking up your voice, which is the one job you hope a microphone can handle. Most of the time, this is solved by moving the Echo somewhere quieter, or just turning it on and off again. Unfortunately, if the problem is with the microphone itself, it gets harder to fix.

Because of Amazon Echo’s construction, it’s difficult to make any repairs yourself unless you feel like completely tearing it apart. Before you pull out the screwdrivers and start dismantling your echo, make sure this isn’t a software problem first.

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