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August 21, 2017

7 Top Trending Fonts for Graphic Designers

The life of a designer is hardly easy. They are always busy fulfilling the different needs of clients from different industries. You’ll either find them making designs, fixing typography, or adjusting fonts. When it comes to the personal preferences of clients, designers more often go through the struggles of using the right font for them. Professional designers understand that a logo design portrays the brand’s identity so they reflect on its fonts. Specifically, I am pointing out five fonts that are trending in the graphic design industry today. These are the kind of fonts that are used in many professional brand marketing and visual advertising campaigns, and hence they are at the core of many an experience designer’s list.



It’s an ever-green font type that many professional designers trust in the designing sector of today. Helvetica is so professional and is a go-to choice that even beginners use for their projects. Many global designing communities have mixed reactions about the font type; nevertheless, no one can ignore its superiority and importance. In its own way, Helvetica ubiquitously fulfills so many demands of modern types that it became associated with business culture.



Classic and classy. Garamond has maintained a level of popularity since its release in 1989. It is a timeless masterpiece found in several varieties today. Amongst them all, the Adobe Garamond font is the most widely used variety in magazines, textbooks, long-bodied texts, and many other printing materials. It is a kind of font that is highly regarded for its diversity in the font library. It was even recently rewarded as the best font after Helvetica by German publishing house.



It is listed among those recognizable fonts created to make each character clear in the text. It is neither structured fully geometric nor humanistic. These qualities of individuality have taken the font so far that it is the most likely choice for display works and signage as well as for business cards. Many magazine and booklet publishers use the Frutiger font for its clarity and uniqueness.



Trajan was introduced by Carol Twombly for Adobe Inc. in 1989. It is popular for bringing a classic look to every printing it is applied to. The major circles in which it is mostly used include law, religion, movie posters and historical contexts. We might have come across it several times but didn’t know the font’s name. Now that it is appearing on national television in title sequences and even in presidential campaign promotions, it is reaching new heights for its visual comprehension.



For the graphic designers who are creating headlines, decorative texts and logos, Bodoni is unsurprisingly a great font innovation for them. It is a series of serif typefaces that allow creative designers to utilize it for a variety of unique contexts. Generally, it is a romantic font type that is easily recognizable for a vertical stress and slight serif bracketing. Many designers consider Bodoni when it comes to some serious work.

Bickham Script Pro


In 1997, Richard Lipton introduced Bickham Script Pro which is still a part of the Adobe Type Library. A reputable font type available in regular, bold, and semibold weights, it is used by several professional designers today. They go for Bickham Script Pro when it comes to a formal occasion. It is most often used for event brochures, invitation cards, seasonal activity pamphlets, and a lot more.



In the world of graphic designing, Futura rules the realm of logos, large displays, commercial materials, books, etc. In 1922, the first ever geometric sans-serif typeface (Futura) was created by a German professor Jakob Erbar. It is structured in geometric patterned shapes such as squares, triangles, and perfect circles. With the basic influential elements of Bauhaus School of Design, the font type aims for a pure functionality with no individual characteristics. With the use of the Futura font, you can add an element of efficacy and eloquence to your final product.

Last Thought

The typeface you choose has the power to influence the thought and behavior of a brand. It is just one of the many ways to convey a brand’s message in the best way. Hence, it is wise to employ these currently-in-the-trend fonts in your prospective designs to resonate with the target audience deeply and create an experience for your clients’ users.

Give them a shot and you will almost certainly get amazing results in your designing projects.


Jessica Paull is a proficient writer and education consultant at an online firm. She assists others with Essay help at Ready Essay and deals with those students who take initial steps in their professional lives, who provide best tips to youngsters who take the initial start in their business.