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August 29, 2017

Top 10 Programming Languages Worth Learning In 2017

One of the most difficult choices a programmer can face is deciding which programming language to use, which framework to use and which tech stack is worth learning. With hundreds of different languages out there, each with their own ups and downs, it can become a real struggle.

The things you should keep in mind when deciding on one programming language or another are usually the job opportunities that may arise and if it’s a popular language that other programmers are using.

The job market seems to point out that the most used languages are C# and Java but Python and PHP are also quite present as well. As far as other developers satisfied with one language or another, some surveys tend to show that C# and Python are quite popular. The most loved programming languages seem to match the ones that also take the first positions in terms of job opportunities.

If you were to collect all this data and try to make a top five of programming languages classified both after the opportunities they’ll give you in finding a job and how others reacted to it, it’d be something like this:

Now that we decided our top five, let’s go a bit in-depth and also see what other opportunities are there and why it is a good idea to start learning these programming languages right now.


This is a variation of the C language created by Microsoft somewhere in the 2000s by adding some features that resemble Java to the C programming language. It was first intended for the wide variety of programs running on the .NET framework and today C# is used in apps written for Microsoft Windows, Windows phone, MSN or Bing.


Python was created in 1989 and since then it continued to remain one of the best languages ever created. The reason it is so popular seems to be its readable code along with the array of features it offers. The readable code also seems to be the reason why many beginners start with Python. Believe it or not, this language has absolutely nothing to do with snakes but it gets its name from Monty Python. It is used in a lot of apps and programs like YouTube and Instagram while NASA, PBS and Reddit use it on their websites.


Initially developed by Oracle in 1991 it has suffered a lot of changes through the years but still managed to remain one of the most popular programming languages around. Part of its huge success is that it is the go-to language when it comes to building apps for Android.  Being so popular, Java is used by giants such as Amazon, eBay and SAP for their websites and almost any Android app like Uber, TripAdvisor or Slack.


Created in 1983 to replace the C language, it enjoyed instantly popularity. Its main advantage is you get a set of pre-defined classed that can be combined with personalized classed as well. Right now, C++ is used for Microsoft Windows and Google Chrome. Also, Adobe and Amazon are also known to use C++ on their websites and apps.


Even though languages might change, all programmers and languages will rely on SQL and database technologies. This is why SQL will always be used and it will provide you with interesting job opportunities.


PHP was developed in 1994 and some estimates show that it powers one-third of everything that happens on the Web. It was not a programming language but a set of tools to maintain a home page. PHP is used to support webpages developed in HTML and is a scripting language more than anything. Facebook, Yahoo and WordPress are developed using PHP.


This is primarily used for web apps and it is considered a Java modification but there are not many similarities between Javascript and Java. Using Javascript you can add pop-ups, small games and cool effects.


C was developed in 1972 for the UNIX OS and it is still used on a lot of projects. It is one of the most stable programming languages and it will work on almost every platform ever known.


R is a language developed in 1993 and it was used mainly for statistics and graphics. Today it’s still being used for data analysis and machine learning.  R is being used by very big companies like SAS and Oracle.


Swift was created in 2014 by Apple as a home-made language for iOS applications. It has a lot of potential and is one of the most promising new languages because it is very fast.

There you have it, a list with 10 programming languages that you should really look into. The thing is that every language is created for a certain purpose and this is why the preferences of developers vary so much. The best thing to do is find the one that you like most.


Rebecca Vaxon is a blogger. She loves writing interesting articles on different topics.