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October 3, 2017

How You Can Easily Increase Your Online Sales

Whether you only sell online or it is just one of your routes to market, increasing online sales is almost certainly something anyone with an eCommerce venture wants to do.

There are lots of approaches that can be implemented to get a quick and easy boost to your online sales revenue:

Develop a Mobile App

The Smartphone market has been around for 10 years now and apps are an accepted part of our everyday lives. One of the great things about apps, from the user perspective, is that they give us the ability to access online services through a streamlined interface, rather than going through the browser and accessing a full website. This makes them ideal for shopping, because orders can be placed quickly and easily on-the-go.

Once a user has an app installed, it also encourages loyalty because they are more likely to use the app when they want to shop rather than browsing different competitors. There is a good reason why a lot of phones come with shopping apps from big brands like Amazon pre-installed.

Developing an app for your customers can, therefore, boost sales and encourage repeat business. You may think it would be expensive to have an app developed, but as app technology has evolved it has become possible to make them quite easily using tools like the app builder from Yappi. This means even smaller businesses can get their own app up and running quickly and inexpensively.

Build Up Your E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing still has a place, even in the social media age, and can be a good way to directly reach your audience. Building up your mailing list is important if you want to do this, however. Existing customers often make up the bulk of a mailing list, but you can also incentivize other interested people who visit your site by offering a discount, or something free like a an eBook.

Invest in Facebook Advertising

There was a time when you could effectively advertise to your Facebook page’s followers for free just by posting content, but now news feeds are heavily filtered and this doesn’t really work. Only the people who interact with your page a lot are likely to see what you post. However, Facebook advertising can be very cost effective and has the benefit of being extremely targeted, so it is well worth investing in when you want to boost traffic and sales.

This can be a good idea if you are running a promotion to gain traction. You can add a ‘shop’ button on your Facebook page too — that makes it easier for people to buy your merchandise when they visit your page.

Run Competitions on Social Media

Another good way to boost traffic and brand awareness – and therefore sales – is to run an interesting competition. If you require people to ‘like’ and share your post or tweet to enter, it will boost your visibility. Alternatively, you can do something more creative like have them post a picture with a certain hashtag that helps advertise your brand.

All of these are good ways to increase the number of online sales you are making. Use a combination of methods to further boost results. By implementing these ideas, you should be able to increase not only sales but also brand awareness, which is also really important to a thriving online retail business.