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December 7, 2017

5 High-Tech Apps to Make Your Life Easier

Smartphones communicating through their apps - Modern personal communication concept

Many people believe that technology is only helping to make our lives more stressful — and this is correct to a certain extent; if you try to keep up with technology by trying every new gadget and app that is released, your life would likely become more stressful. The key is to find the right equipment and apps that fit your life and make it easier. With this in mind, the following five recommendations certainly fit this description:


The Internet is filled with valuable content that begs to be read, viewed, listened to, and saved. If you are still using your browser’s bookmark manager to save webpages and articles, you are missing out on all the functionality and flexibility that the Pocket app has to offer. Using Pocket means you don’t have to worry about which browser you saved that link on. You can even read the articles you saved when you don’t have Internet access.

Smart Home Apps

Smart home automation is just getting started; you can begin with just a few devices and appliances that include their own apps or that can connect to the main control hub. Ideally, you should start with a smart home solution that gives you remote control of your home security system via a Smartphone app; in some cases, these systems can serve as your Smart home automation hub that can connect other devices such as smart locks and motion detection sensors.


This app was initially developed by an Israeli tech startup that wanted to provide a free alternative to car navigation systems; once the social media functions and crowd-sourced traffic information features were added, Waze was acquired by Google and thoroughly improved. These days, Waze is considered to be one of the most reliable and useful navigation apps for drivers.


Similar to Waze, the Moovit app is enhanced by crowd-sourced information provided by users of public transportation systems. Now that most American buses, trains, and trolleys are equipped with GPS systems, Moovit makes it easier to update route information on the map, and it also provides information on alternative routes that are not too crowded. Now you can figure out how long it is going to take you to get to work or if you have time to catch that quick nap before your stop.


Organizing your information, thoughts and tasks is conducive to making your life easier, and Evernote is one of the best apps that can help you with this. This app allows you to save notes created in any format; from online clippings to typed notes and from voice reminders to photos. Evernote can handle all inputs across all platforms and it also lets you create simple to-do lists for easy completion.

These five apps will make your life easier as your actions are handled more effectively. Apps can help you in different ways; it is up to you to incorporate them into your daily activities.