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December 7, 2017

The 6 Coolest Features on High-Tech Cars of the Future

Technology in the auto sector seems to be developing at rapid speed. With tests for self-driven cars currently ongoing, it seems as though we may soon see a technological revolution in the way we travel.

We have compiled a list of some of the coolest features which could soon be fitted in your car.

1. Autonomous Driving

Self-driving cars are just around the corner. There are a number of companies in the final stages of testing their autonomous cars and the deployment of autonomous technology seems to be imminent. Some modern cars already feature self-parking features; however it is likely that soon we will be able to take our hands off the wheel completely. Some believe autonomous cars will come at the cost of driving related jobs; but that may not necessarily be true. There is room for humans to be able to work alongside technology.

2. On screen interactive displays

Technological developments are developing rapidly on the inside as well as the outside of vehicles. Car manufacturers are developing better interactive technology all the time. Drivers can now receive on-screen traffic, weather and directional updates without even needing to take their eyes off the road. Not only is this improving the driving experience, it is also proving to be safer. The driver no longer needs to take his/her eyes off the road, meaning he/she is less likely to become distracted.

3. Improved protection from theft

Soon, car theft may become a crime of the past. Car marquees are currently developing technology that allows a car owner to remotely shut down a car without having to be inside or even anywhere near it. This is likely to result in both theft deterrents and also the safe return of any vehicle that has been stolen. In addition to improved theft protection, GPS systems are becoming more accurate and widely used in new cars. This means any car that has been taken can be tracked down quickly and easily.

4. Speed

Although fast travelling cars are nothing new, the inability for electric and renewable cars to travel at fast speeds has often been a barrier for people to make the switch from fuel-powered cars. We are starting to see a big development in the technology behind electric sports cars, however. Tesla recently announced the production of a new roadster with the ability to travel from 0-60mph in just 1.9 seconds. This is a speed that, recently, was widely thought to be impossible by electric cars. With Tesla leading the way with this latest development, we could expect rival manufacturers to soon follow suit. It won’t be long until speedy electrics are widely available.

5. Talking Cars

Yes, cars will soon be able to communicate with one another. As scary as the thought is, the purpose of vehicle-to-vehicle communication is to provide useful information to road users. In the moment, Mercedes are the front runners when it comes to V2V communication. The latest Mercedes are able to provide information on traffic conditions, weather and critical information to other vehicles from the German manufacturers.

6. Connected Travel

Soon your car could become a hub of connectivity. In-car Wi-Fi will soon allow passengers to receive and search for information on the move. Alongside the development of autonomous driving, ‘drivers’ could soon become passengers, allowing them to relax and use Wi-Fi services while they travel.

Annoying tasks such as driving around built-up areas in search of a parking spot could also soon be a think of the past with cars receiving real time updates with parking finder apps.


Jamie Griffiths writes on behalf of Storm Car Covers. He enjoys writing about all things car related and has a keen interest in future technology.