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November 8, 2018

How to Get More Positive Online Reviews (and Deal With the Negative)


Online reviews have become an integral part to almost any business, regardless of your industry. Reviews not only impact customer buying decisions but also your business reputation. It takes time and effort to build a positive online review presence. Use methods like sending a follow-up email, asking face-to-face, or including a thank you page upon checkout. More often than not, a happy customer will be willing to leave a review if you simply ask.

While there’s no way of knowing how a customer will react online, always take the time to respond and engage with your customers if they are taking the time to review you. A negative review can feel personal, but it’s almost always an opportunity to gain valuable feedback, turn the customer’s opinion around, and improve on your services. For helpful tips on how to gain more positive reviews and how to approach the negative reviews, check out the infographic from Valpak below.

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