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FEATURED ARTICLE — February 22nd, 2019

How to Find and Use Long-Tail Keywords to Supercharge Your Traffic

Not getting enough traffic? It’s probably time that you added long-tail keywords to your SEO strategy. 

Long-tail keywords are one of the best weapons for drawing in more of the right traffic. In other words, they bring in more of the right customers who are interested in doing business with you, and they can help you rank higher. 

In this article, we take a look at why long-tail keywords are so important, as well as how you can find and use them to supercharge your traffic. 

The Importance of Long-Tail Keywords 

Long-tail keywords usually contain 3 words or more. They’re super focused and they laser in on specific users who are looking for very specific content.

For example, ‘online marketing’ is a short-tail keyword that has the potential to draw in a variety of users who are all looking for different things. Moreover, it’s really competitive and therefore hard to rank for. 

‘Online marketing for small businesses’, on the other hand, is more refined, tells users – and Google – exactly what your content is all about, and it’s less competitive. This means it’s easier to rank for, and will help you bring in more of the right traffic. It also improves the customer experience because it helps them get to the right page faster.

The more specific you are with your keywords, the more you will bring in more high-quality traffic. 

How to Find Long-Tail Keywords 

The great thing about long-tail keywords is that there are lots of different ways to find ‘em. 

Google Autocomplete 

Each time a user types a phrase into Google, the search engine will then automatically offer up related suggestions. These suggestions are long-tail, targeted keywords that tell you more about... Read More

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