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FEATURED ARTICLE — July 16th, 2018

5 Marketing Tools to Build a Compelling Brand Presence on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a massively effective platform for so much more than just recruitment. It’s an excellent source of leads for PR, partnerships and sales. In fact, according to this survey, 94.2% of journalists and 49% of decision-makers are active on LinkedIn. If you seize every opportunity, you can run your business via LinkedIn alone, feeding off of the exposure you create and leads that get generated as a result. Yet, few brands invest enough time and resources on LinkedIn marketing, because they haven’t experienced the results of a well-executed LinkedIn marketing strategy. In some cases, it’s because the digital marketing manager can’t find enough resources for dedicated LinkedIn marketing. 

Here are 5 marketing tools that can help you build a compelling brand presence on LinkedIn, without expending much of your resources or effort. 

1. Talkwalker for audience research & engagement metrics 

Before you consider posting to your LinkedIn Page, it’s important to decide what your objectives are and how you will measure progress in their direction. Irrespective of your LinkedIn marketing objectives, there are certain metrics that you will want to measure such as the relevance of your target audience. Talkwalker is a LinkedIn analytics tool that you can use to analyze your followers based on seniority, industry, job function and company size. This data can be used to gauge how effective your audience-building activities have been and how you can improve them over time. 

The tool also measures basic update and page engagement, so you can get a sense of how your content and page are performing on LinkedIn. The page engagement metrics include page visits, clicks and visitor demographics. 

2. DrumUp for content curation, scheduling... Read More

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