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Freeware / Shareware Sites is a software directory site. You can find freeware and shareware for Linux, Windows, Mac, and mobile phones. Search by category (Audio/Multimedia, Desktop, Business, Web Development, etc.) or within the "Top 100" for each platform.
Worksy is an open source business app platform. You can share anything - i.e. documents, contacts, and tasks with your team. Keep track of what everybody is doing and who is working on what all from one location. A nice freebie site with useful webmaster, free services and freeware sections. Worth a visit.

NoNags One of the great freeware/shareware sites on the Web. Mirrored around the world, NoNags offers free and paid access to its software archive. All apps are rated and categorized for easy selection and navigation. Everything in the huge Freeware section is really free - 32-bit Windows software that has no disabled features, nags, or time limits. A shareware/freeware directory. Nicely laid out site broken down by category, top downloads, editor's picks, newest titles, etc. A freeware resource site with over 5,700 freeware programs in 11 major categories. Good site for finding some great no cost apps.

FreebieList There are a number of excellent Freebie sites on the Web but FreebieList lacks the aggravating pop-ups so common to many free sites these days. Webmaster freebies include links to free fonts, clipart, web space providers, email services and more.

SourceForge A place to find, download, and develop free open source software. You can search for software, browse by category, create a project, post on the Project Help Wanted board and developer section, etc. Another colorful freebies site with useful sections devoted to webmasters, Perl and AASP scripts and software. Site seems relatively new but has potential.

FreeCode A programming source code treasure trove. If its written in C/C++, Java, Perl, or Visual Basic, you can find it here. Free for personal and commercial use and compatible with Unix and/or Windows systems. A new freeware directory. Nice layout, easy to navigate and some great apps.

The Freebie Directory A searchable directory of free stuff and one of the best free sites on the Web with great freebies broken down into 26 easy to navigate categories. is a shareware directory with thousands of listed apps in multiple categories. Programs are rated and the site has the usual file features like most popular, etc. One of the most popular freeware/shareware directories. This site has it all, including XML/RSS feeds for webmasters interested in adding site content. A brand, spanking-new shareware and freeware directory with 10 major program categories as well as new release, most popular and editor's choice sections. Not a lot of apps have been added yet but we predict this site will quickly become a popular destination.