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Misc. Scripts is a directory of php, asp,, java, perl, python, etc. scripts and part of the Developer Shed network. Useful, popular and easy to navigate. Provides a one stop web development resource for anyone with interest in ASP, C and C++, CFML, Flash, Java, JavaScripts, Perl, PHP, Python, Visual Basic or XML. Over 5,500 Resources and growing. is an online directory for webmasters and programmers that provides a place for compiling, storing and distributing submitted programming related resources. Over 2,844 resources listed in 500 plus categories. As suggested by the name, a site that offers free and commercial scripts in various programming languages, including javascript, java, ASP, PHP, Perl and others. TS also has an affilate program directory, webmaster utilities and more. is a resource directory of scripts and tools offering over 1,600 scripts in 13 major categories. A site with categories to 100's of links to fr'ee and commercial scripts for ASP, C/C++, CGI and Perl, Java, PHP, Flash, ASP.Net and JavaScript. Detailed explanations of the scripts are included along with separate categories for What's New, Popular and Rated. The site also contains additional links to fr'ee and commercial software. A rather unique site in that it offers free online script engines rather than free scripts. Basically, script engines allow you to customize scripts for your web site online and then copy the customized code to your own pages. There are script engines for HTML, CSS, DHTML, PERL and Javascript operations as well as links to other great resource sites. Offers over 1,400 scripts in a variety of categories including asp, java, vb, activeX, C and C++.

Script Hunter A script search engine with links to over 50,000 scripts in 12 script catgories which include ASP, XML Perl, PHP and ASP. The site also has links to tutorials for most scripting languages listed beneath each script type. Offers 2,243 scripts in 10 major categories and 554 sub-categories. Scripts also broken down into new, most popular and top ranked lists.

If your site is one of the 12 million domains using the PHP scripting language, then is a good place to find PHP related information. Links to resource sites, tutorials, manuals, books and much more.

ScriptSearch A member site in the network and offers almost 6,000 useful scripts and tools in a variety of categories. An up and coming script and resource site with more than 5,600 links to fr'ee and commercial ASP, PERL, PHP and Java scripts. There are also links to other useful resources such as template and design sites. An site and a directory of scripts in 11 major categories, including asp, perl, java, ajax, php, etc. Over 6900 scripts listed. Offers hundreds of free and commercial scripts to improve your website. The site also offers tutorials as well as a breakdown of scripts by date, most popular and top ranked.