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Webmaster Resource Directories

Caniuse helps you find out which browsers support what features. Type in a feature (such as border-radius) and Caniuse will output a table showing which browsers support that feature.

Web Designers Directory For those of you wondering where you can obtain professional help for web sites, the Web Designers Directory lists Graphic Designers, Web Developers, and Consultants by State and by country. The site also provides links to site resources, domain registration, hosting, tutorials, tools and more.

Webopedia A free online dictionary for words, phrases and abbreviations that are related to computer and Internet technology, providing definitions in plain, understandable language. A good site to visit if you're interested in expanding your knowledge of Net jargon. bills itself as the world's largest directory of web-hosting services with over 6,000 hosting plans listed in 9 main categories. Search by category, pricing, diskspace, bandwidth, etc. View independent ratings and reviews of each service. A web developer site that provides in-depth articles, tutorials and code examples on PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, and more. A great site for developers seeking information or for site owners seeking developers.

Webmasters' Library A good starting point for Webmasters who are interested in learning the theoretical, practical and technical skills required to create and maintain a successful Website. The site offers articles, tutorials, tips & tricks, and much more. is a webmaster resources directory with hundreds of resource sites listed in numerous categories, including animated gifs, broadcasting, chats and forums, clip art, domain names, e-commerce, fonts and many more. By the National Cancer Institute. Provides over 50 of the top Web design and usability guidelines based on emerging research as well as a wealth of other useful information related to design, accessibility, log analysis and market research. Use this site in planning and designing your Web site. Isn't really a webmaster resource site, but the site is so comprehensive that webmasters can find a wealth of resources and useful information simply by checking out some of the content. Excellent starting point for those still familiarizing themselves with the Net. offers some unique free and commercial cgi scripts that we haven't seen elsewhere. Worth a visit if you want to introduce some interesting site features.

Webmaster Search Engine Still growing, but this site has the makings of an excellent free resource for webmasters. Some good links and tools to be found here. Provides links to over 1,200 resources for webmasters. The site has 14 major resource categories with numerous sub-categories. Topics include Perl, CGI, Scripts, HTML, Java, JavaScript, Design, and much more. One of the largest web development resource directories on the Web.

Web Design Directory Web Design Directory provides a marketplace for web desginers, developers and webmasters. The site claims to list only reliable service providers with long term experience and/or good professional achievements in their business area. Worth a visit if you're not sure which company to approach for certain services.

Web Developer's Journal A comprehensive developer's site in the network. Tons of resources and offerings ranging from technical and graphical to authoring and business. Be prepared to spend some time here. An online webmaster tool resource. The site offers tools in 4 main categories, those being SEO Tools, Web Utilities, Domain Tools and HTML Tools. Some useful stuff here.