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April 10, 2007

Search Engine Strategies NY Diary – Sunday / Monday

Sunday / Early Monday – Sunny but cold.

It is quite late (at the time of this writing), somewhere around 2AM and midtown Manhattan is surprisingly quiet. The first party of the week, thrown by the Internet Marketers of New York, has ended on a definitive high note. Held at the Town Tavern in the south Village, the gathering was a charitable event held in support of the Ronald McDonald House foundation. For a forty dollar donation, attendees were treated to an open bar sponsored by the Best of the Web directory and Text Link Ads.

Approximately 80 people attended the event, raising about $3000 at the door. A further $5000 (or so) was raised through a raffle which I had the honour of MC’ing.  Greg Nyland and Chris Boggs organized prizes for the raffle including an enormous Easter Basket, a pair of Yahoo! gift bags (filled with Yahoo! bling), a link from an unnamed by highly desirable .EDU site, and gift certificates for the bar. The irony that it was a free-bar was lost on everyone until the prize was awarded to the winner, who lives in the Western United States and is unlikely to redeem his reward.

And so began the marathon. Search Engine Strategies officially opens tomorrow morning with registration starting around 7AM.  It is now almost 3AM. Time to find some sleep.

Tuesday Morning – Sunny but cold

Four hours sleep and feeling as refreshed as a moldy peanut butter sandwich. Trying to sneak in an extra hour would be a terrible mistake. Besides which, after a day of this one’s body begins to run on convention time. I’ll likely get a similar amount of sleep tonight and actually feel better tomorrow morning.

SES officially opened this morning and, judging from the look on the faces of the attendees, the quantity and quality of knowledge is very high. There is more than one overwhelmed face in the crowd today. This is the day things get most interesting as speakers and vendors start to arrive at the Hilton.

Though the trade-show portion of the convention does not open until tomorrow morning, booth set-up started earlier this morning. Due to the time spent setting up the booth and the problems faced by the communal destruction of the hotel’s Internet access, I was unable to attend any of the actual sessions. As usual, the team at SERoundTable are providing coverage of many of the events. WebmasterRadio is recording various sessions and several interviews here as well.  

It is also the day things start to get a bit hairy. We (the collective, not the colloquial) officially overwhelmed the Hilton’s Internet connection forcing many like myself to find other places from which to post. The party schedule tonight is dense with rumours of a possible Google party floating around the hotel. PepperJam will be holding its usual black-tie dinner, followed by a night of clubbing, sponsored by Epiar.

Author:  Jim Hedger is the Executive Editor of Jayde-Online publications and Known as one of the most prolific writers and journalists covering the search marketing scene, Jim also hosts The Alternative on He is currently in New York covering SES NY and getting progressively sleepier.