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May 1, 2007

CMS Watch Compares 13 Web Analytics Vendors

Today CMS Watch released the Web Analytics Report, which evaluates 13 major Web Analytics suppliers based on extensive vendor research, interviews with customers across a range of industry sectors, and “hands on” testing of solutions. Purchase the report at:

The Web Analytics report is divided up into 6 main parts:

Part 1 – How to Use this Report

Provides an overview of the various sections and depending on your role in the organization suggests the best path to follow in order to get the most out of the Web Analytics report.

Part 2 – What is Web Analytics

An overview of web analytics including history and definitions of some commonly used phrases.

Part 3 – Business Case for Web Analytics

Talks about the reasons why Web Analytics is so important in an online solution by addressing business goals such as Improving Customer Service and Increasing Revenue/Audience/Operational Efficiency. It’s followed by the report addressing the various costs that come with web analytics above and beyond licensing. This section concludes by addressing why web analytics is such a worthwhile investment.

Part 4 – Web Analytics Technology and Features

This section goes into detail about the various features that were used to compare the various web analytics vendors:

– Technology (Architecture, Availability)
– Data Collection and Processing (WebServer, JavaScript tagging, Complexity)
– Data Accuracy (Verification, Sampling, User Id)
– Data Services (Importing, Exporting, Integration)
– User Administration (Permissions, Distribution)
– Reporting (Standard Reports, Usability, Advanced Features, Dashboards, Help Features)
– Vendor Intangibles (Implementation, Support, Licensing Costs, Future Development, Stability)

Part 5 – The Web Analytics Initiative

Part 5 talks about purchasing and implementation starting from the requirements all the way to implementation and best practices.

Part 6 – The Web Analytics Vendors

This is where all the major Vendors are compared using the items addressed in part 5. The following web analytics vendors are compared in this report:

Google Analytics
Visual Sciences

For information email: I will be interviewing Lead Analyst (and author of this report), Phil Kemelor on Friday so stay tuned for some further insight via podcast.

Author:  Manoj Jasra is the Director of Technology at Enquiro Search Solutions in Kelowna BC. Manoj is also CTO of the BC Travel Guide.