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May 7, 2007

The Best Keywords Ever

No, I’m not going to give you a list of most searched or most clicked keywords or whatever. Instead I’m going to talk about how to determine which keywords will be the best forThere are a number of measurements that can be used when determining how good a keyword might be:

  • Search volume (high or low)
  • KEI
  • Number of search results for a keyword phrase
  • Number of search results that use the phrase in the title
  • Whether a competitor uses a particular phrase
  • etc.

Personally, I don’t think that any of those will actually pick the best keywords for your campaign.

Looking at keywords in terms of difficulty is great for having realistic expectation of how soon you might be able to displace other sites ranking well for them, but it won’t tell you if your keyword is a good keyword for you. Same with looking to see if your competitor uses that term. For all you know they haven’t done their research yet.

All of the information above is useful within context, but there are really only three things that truly matter. You want:

  • Keywords that target your audience
  • Keywords that get traffic
  • Keywords that get conversionsYou can find and optimize for a lot of keywords that will perform well in one or two of these areas, but the BEST keywords are those satisfy all three requirements. Anything less won’t do.

    You can target your audience with low traffic keywords – but your conversion rates will be low.

    You can get traffic that doesn’t convert – but sales rates will be low.

    You can get conversions by targeting low traffic keywords – but your traffic rates will be low.

    You can target your audience with poor converting keywords – but your sales will suffer.

    You can get traffic without targeting your audience – but your conversions will suffer.

    You can get conversions without targeting your audience – but your traffic will suffer.

    The best keywords ever are keywords that you have determined to be relevant and have tested to get results. Nothing else really matters.

    Author:  Stoney deGeyter leads a spectacular team of seasoned marketing experts at Pole Position Marketing, a search engine marketing company. Stoney started PPM in 1998 by finding the brightest minds in the industry and nurturing within them an intense desire to become leaders in their respective fields. With this team of professionals, he has built a wildly successful website marketing company that succeeds through both personal and professional integrity.

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