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May 15, 2007

ISEdb Creates SEM Social News Site

Long known as a source of solid articles about search marketing, the Internet Search Engine Database (ISEdb) today released a new SEM news website based loosely on Digg.
ISEdb SCOOP is a social search site encouraging visitors to submit news articles from the search marketing industry and then vote for their favourite items.
In a press release issued early this morning, ISEdb founder Tariq Ali said, “I wanted a community powered by users where they could submit, share, bookmark and discover search engine related news, articles and tips. I also wanted their feedback in order to help promote this quality information.”
While using the web, SCOOP members can submit articles which will appear in an “upcoming news” section of SCOOP. When SCOOP visitors come across those articles, they can vote for ones found helpful or relevant.
Part of Tariq’s goal appears to be cutting through the volume of misleading or out-of-date search marketing information out there. In his press release, he writes,
“Within the Internet marketing realm, so much information is pushed at visitors it is often difficult to determine relevance from sheer speculation. This seems especially true in the search engine industry. News, as opposed to urban legends and conjecture, can be vitally important when keeping pace with the latest developments in every area from optimization techniques to Google’s latest acquisition. Until now, there has not been a site solely devoted to presenting search engine industry news in such a way that user-appreciated information is pushed to the top of the overflowing pile.”
Tariq also suggests visitors can expect, “Every type of search engine-related story available, from reviews of Search Engine Strategies sessions to announcements of new technological advances.”
The site is made for anyone interested in the search marketing industry from webmasters and search engine optimization professionals to search engine industry analysts, corporate Internet marketing team members and individual site owners interested in news, tips and more.
The ISEdb’s SCOOP is likely to be a valuable resource for the industry and its observers.

Author:  Jim Hedger is the executive editor of