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June 21, 2007

Why Your Business Should Consider Blogging

I have written about how much blogging has helped my business and also become beneficial to me personally, but there are still many businesses that fail to see how a blog can dramatically help their company and they fail to see the purpose of a blog.

Every business, consultant, employee and even non-employees have knowledge about various subjects. As we all know the “information highway” is where everyone is going for any and sometimes all questions they have. Bloggers are creating financial independence because they are discussing subjects people are researching about. The bottom line is that people are researching every possible subject- some a bit scary, but they are researching, reading, emailing…

I Have a Client…

I have a client that I think is just a complete class act. His name is John Hensley (new web site is launching soon) and he is a personal injury attorney in Indianapolis. I like this guy so much because he truly wants to help people. His goal is to provide his community with everything they need to know to prevent a loved one from being hurt. He doesn’t need to do this, but he does and that is what makes him so likable. His dedication to others has made me want to work harder for him because you know he is actually doing for others.

So, let’s use John as an example. He knows so much about those that have been attacked by dogs, those that have been hurt in construction accidents that should have never happened, those that have been hurt in medical facilities…I could truly go on and on. Now, John hired me to do a lot of writing and research so he could not only educate, but also help those that have already been hurt by providing them with free information and resources. He has very little time to think or sleep or even handle the work he currently has, but IF (and that is a big if) life ever slowed down his knowledge, thoughts and advice could help thousands of people. The type of information he could provide would probably turn into those prevention emails that gets sent and forwarded to thousands of people. Essentially, he would be providing valuable information and also, in a way, advertising his law firm. Unfortunately, for John, he works like a maniac and doesn’t have a lot of time to write out his thoughts.
(However, by creating free information and resources he is creating a web presence that will not only help others, but also let his law firm be known to residents in the area. Iif you don’t have time to blog this is another option).

YOU May Be a Different Story

You or your company may have valuable information and also have the time to write about it. If you do this you can submit your blog entries to RSS Feeds and essentially your blog is sent around the world very rapidly. If you have something solid and valuable to readers worldwide you can create a blog that people will frequently come to for good information and even good reading. At the same time, your blog reinforces that your company is knowledgeable, trustworthy and also a company that is trying to give back. Your company benefits and your readers benefit; to me there are no downsides.

Blogs need to be updated regularly to be successful and you may be worried about how you can accomplish this- Creativity is the key and it is possible. If you look at the labels listed at the bottom of this blog entry you will see a list of words. These words are words people may be researching and that is why they are listed. If they type “Personal Injury” into Technorati today this entry may come up and if they have signed up for a feed that emails them new entries on “Personal Injury” this may show up in their mail box or on their reader. Blogs allow people and businesses to reach people they would have never had an opportunity to reach before. This is why blogs are so valuable and this is why you are hearing about the importance of blogging all over the net.

Keep blogging in mind…it could be very beneficial to you and your business.

Author:  Melissa Fach has always been an Internet Junkie. A successful copywriter and SEO, Melissa works with a wide array of clients. Melissa runs Panaca Writing, SRQ Web Design and the Sarasota Print Shop.