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July 13, 2007

AttractionAttraction Marketing With Personal Branding Online Marketing With Personal Branding Online

Are you still working and building your network marketing business the old way? Are you using out dated methods of the 1970s or even the 1990s, such as making a list of all the people you know and asking them to look at your home business opportunity? Have you got stuck in the rut of having to purchase over priced business opportunity leads and dialing for dollars only to get rejected? Let me tell you that they is a better way to build your network marketing business, using what is referred to as creating your personal brand online. Also known as attraction marketing

Personal branding is very important if you want to create substantial success in your online network marketing home business opportunity. All top leaders in the industry know this and have created a personal brand for themselves.

Personal branding is the complete opposite of what people have been doing for years in network marketing. You see instead of chasing people to look at your business like the old way, when you use personal branding to build your business you will have people chasing you wanting to join you in your business. That is a huge difference in marketing strategy.

Here are few tools you will need to implement a personal branding online:

Website – You will need a personal website that you can share your story and create your personal brand.

Auto Responder – You will need an auto responder to build your list for following up with your potential prospects.

Here are some important principles to keep in mind when creating your personal brand in order for it to work well for you.

You Inc. – This is where you establish you as the business. This is very important to know and realize that you are the business, and not the company you represent.

The expert status – You need to position yourself as an expert. This is basically showing people that you are a leader. It is very true that people want to join leaders and so if you establish yourself as a leader in a particular area or network marketing then you will have people wanting to be apart of what you are doing.

WIFM – This is what is referred to the “what’s in it for me” factor. You reader has to be able to read your website and see what is in it for them.

On your website what you do is write your story about you and how you can help people. Your story has to have the proper flow. You want to share some dirt on you. This is basically to show you are being transparent to people. People like to do business with people that are being real with them.

You want to establish a like, trust and relate factor. People want to know they can trust you. They need to be able to relate to you and your life, and of course they need to like you

You can share your story of where you grew up and what kind of troubles or adventures you have gone through in life. Then you can not just stop there. You see many people just put up a personal website and talk about their family and their dog etc. but you need to have a purpose to it. Remember the what is in it for me factor. Why are you sharing that stuff?

Then you can go into your business life and what you do for business and how you will be able to help people when they join you in your business. This is very important as this is why they are on your webpage.

Author:  Colin Meunier is a Successful Home Business Coach and Mentor. To learn more on how to start or become more successful in your home business online Visit: &