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July 24, 2007

5 Steps for Generating Targeted Leads

Anyone can just use cold calls to try to generate leads. But who would want to waste time on such unproductive actions? Wouldn’t it be better if you can have a steady stream of hot leads, leads that not only include contact information but give you an idea of what the prospect needs, the problem they want solved? Most importantly, they want what you have to offer and are ready to buy.

You have a web site and thousands of people are visiting your site each week. If everything is working properly, you should be generating dozens of targeted leads with hundreds of people on your marketing list to offer them what you have. But if not, then there are five reasons why your web site is not getting the targeted leads that it deserves to get.

1. You Should Collect Contact Information

Use incentives to collect the email address of every visitor. Offer them freebies such as articles, tutorials or a guide so that they will be motivated to give you their email addresses.

Most importantly, offer your prospects something related that they want. Plus, place your sign up form prominently at the top of your web page and also in your navigation bar at the side.

This way, you should be able to capture 10-20% of your visitors’ email addresses.

2. You Should Use Autoresponders to Collect Detailed Information

The most basic is to get their email addresses but wouldn’t it be more helpful if you have more information?

You can use an autoresponder to send a confirmation email where you ask them for more detailed information and some questions about what they are interested in will prove helpful in closing the future sale.

3. You Should Get People to Tell You How You Can Help Them

The internet is a great resource for free information and people specifically use that as their purpose.

To find solutions to their problems.

So in order to use this to your advantage, you will have to prompt people to contact you by including an inquiry form on your web site, especially on high visibility pages, at the bottom of your home page and other key pages.

Once you start receiving completed inquiry forms, you can sort through them to identify which ones are worth following up and try to close the sale through these useful information that you have gathered.

4. You Should Collect Feedback and Learn More About Your Prospect’s Needs

Some people buy immediately when being show the sales pages, others don’t even have an interest. But the majority falls into the middle. These are people who are interested but not ready to commit.

So you will need to capture them by using exit pop up to collect feedback and to find out what they are looking for.

By using an incentive, you can motivate them to fill up the form. When you have these feedback forms, you can follow up with them and ask them why they didn’t buy the services or products or just to get further information about the problems they want to solve.

You will be surprised at how many you can actually turn into clients by doing these.

5. You Should Send out Surveys to Identify What Sells

Having a newsletter has its advantages because you can leverage the trust of your readers to collect ideas on their needs. If you have been regularly following up with them, then it is more than likely that they will respond to your request.

Just send about two to four times annually on an informal survey to your readers. Ask them for their ideas, what they think of your services, products, what they like best, what they dislike and what they need and want. Tabulate the responses and develop products and services they asked for.

Eventually, use these five methods and I’m sure you will be getting your stream of targeted leads very fast. Plus, you will be able to turn them into loyal clients of yours using the following up to grow your business.

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