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September 4, 2007

Why Web Video Is Crucial For Blogs

The popularity of web video on blogs has soared over the past year, and there is good reason why. Some may ask why web video is so popular on blogs, and there are many answers to that question. Firstly, the purpose of a blog is to share information with one’s self or others. The majority of computer users are usually literate; however this is not always the case. Web video will provide an opportunity to hook their attention and give them a grasp of the concept without having to understand a word. Secondly, there are a lot of internet users who are simply to busy to read a website’s information- web video creates the opportunity to hook their attention which may have otherwise been lost on your wording of the blog/website.

For many people reading blogs or websites is something they do while doing something else- take the example of an office worker who is working but flicking back and forward between your blog. Whether the individual is just doing other things on the computer, or they are actually away from the computer but watching the video as if it were the television, the individual that is doing the viewing is able to multi-task in a way that they would be unable to do without the video on the blog. This simply helps to smooth out a person’s life so that they can do other things at the same time, should the individual be in a hurry or want to multi-task. You are creating opportunity to reach more potential viewers and customers!

Not everyone who is reading your blog will have the attention span to absorb the information you want them too, nor be able to absorb it in a timeframe that they want to. When an individual is not able to read something quickly, they may not be as inclined to work on reading a blog that they may otherwise be interested in reading. In order to make up for this, many people will post web videos on their blog sites in order to capture the attention of an individual that may be either viewing the videos on the blog or reading the blog itself. If a person sees a web video that they are interested in, they may be more likely to read the blog or website that coincides with it, even if they struggle with reading- all because they enjoyed your video content. A Blog without web video would be neglecting such potential viewers/customers.

Now that you have decided to incorporate web video into your blog, the next logical step is to submit your video to as well. This will drive traffic and interest to your Blog based solely on the video you are displaying on your blog. The way it works is that when you submit your video to Youtube you include a list of tags- which is the same thing as keywords. When users type in these keywords depending on the relevance your video will show up. This means that you have a captive audience interested in the material in your web video, which if they choose to visit your blog or website will more likely result in a sale or positive traffic flow. So, join Youtube today and follow the steps to upload the video you are displaying on your Blog.

The next step is to drive search engine traffic directly to your Youtube video. I believe the best way to do this is via social bookmarking. Join and submit the address of your Youtube video to all the popular social bookmarking directories. Again you can include tags which will drive traffic to your video based on the key search terms in relation your Blog web video. This will essentially cast a ‘web’ of links on social bookmarking directories to your video. Onlywire is a fantastic website that will allow you to drive free traffic to all your Blogs and Websites.

In this instance the viewer may skim or completely ignore the blog in question. We live in a fast paced lifestyle, and people expect to be entertained and engaged immediately. Utilizing web video software on your blog will only increase your chances of attention and potential sales if that is what you seek to achieve via your blog.

Author:  Peter Johnson, Provider of easier ways to put Web Video on your Blog or Websites