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September 5, 2007

Top 7 Ways To Use Blogs For Marketing Part 1

When it comes to using blogs for marketing your business, you can’t afford to waste time and money. You want to make your online presence a success. Therefore, you need to know everything you can about blog marketing. You want to spend as much time as possible in learning the basics about using your blog to bring in profits. You can literally make tons of money on an automatic system once you have it down.

Although, there are thousands of blogs on the Internet, there are common mistakes that beginners make. The difference between knowing these do’s and don’ts can mean the difference between losing business and growing huge profits.

To become an expert on blog marketing, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist. You just have to know some simple yet crucial principles.

  1. You need to install your own blog on your own web site. This means having your blog on your business website sub domain. Do not setup a blog on a third party domain. Your blog is your network and belongs with your main site.
  2. When you blog, you always want to take time out to link your posts to any related pages on your web site.
  3. Many Internet blogs don’t publish under a specific categories. Many people just put up a blog and then start writing. Relevance is everything, You want to use your time wisely and get the maximum benefit out of it. Successful blogs need to be fine tuned. They need to cover every subject matter of the business. This makes them come up as an authority site with Google and Yahoo, MSN, and the  blogosphere as a whole.
  4. Don’t just post  on the blog here and there. You want to post on a regular basis. Optimum is if you post at least Monday through Friday. You want to make sure that you have fresh content on the blog. Many people will stop coming to your blog if they think it has been abandoned. Conversely, they will check your blog regularly if they see new and interesting information on a daily basis.
  5. Your blog categories and keywords should always match your keywords on the main web site. Make a list of keywords and create articles based on those keywords. They need to be in harmony with the rest of your site.
  6. When the meta tags, urls and the content are not in harmony with each other the blog is wasted. It all needs to fit together. Your meta tags need to contain the same keyword as your content.
  7. Most important is that you use a blog (publishing) platform that has as much horsepower as possible, if you want the max take a look at what the experts build for business on the web here @

These are just the basic principles of using blog marketing for profit. Common mistakes in blog marketing can cost you thousand of lost dollars. Therefore, you want to be sure that you use the above six steps in getting the most out of your blogs. In the next article, we’ll talk more about blog marketing and some advanced techniques you can use to help you get the maximum out of your blogs.

Now that you’ve gotten the basics of what to do and not to do with your blog, you’re probably wondering about the content. When it comes to blog marketing, a lot of people are simply writing things that pop into their head. Still, others are writing nothing but sales pitches into their blogs.

Blogs should not be about sales. They should be about information. Your aim is to connect with your market on a more personal level. Of course you don’t write personal information about your life story into the blog, but you do get personal in the sense that you give vital information to the reader.

What kind of information should you write to better market your blog and business? That is a good question. The best way to find out is to ask your market what it is that it is looking for. This may include doing keyword research with different keyword software programs such as WordTracker or Nichebot. You can also set up Ask Campaigns. This is where you email your list and ask them what their three most important questions are about your service or product.

From those responses, you will see certain questions being asked over and over again. Keep a list of those questions and that is what you begin to answer in your blogs. If you have an FAQ on your website, you can elaborate on those questions in your blog. Then, by finding out the most popular keywords in your industry, you weave those keywords into the blog posts.

This is often easier said than done, and in the end you want to balance search engine optimization with human and reader friendly blog posts. Research and collect marketing information. Keep your eye out on trends and public buzz in the industry. Study your competition. Notice any problems or questions that they fail to answer and then turn around and address those problems in your blog. Study the lingo or the language your market uses. For example, in the self-improvement industry a lot of people use the term “prosperity” or “wealthy” instead of “loaded”. Use the same kind of lingo that your readers are used to in order to make a connection with them.

Stay away from trying to sell anything in your blog. If you do sell something, make it very subtle so as not to come across as an advertisement. Another thing you want to do when it come to an effective blog marketing strategy is to write content on key business topics. Also, let your readers interact. Answer comments. This makes your blog more real to them and gets them involved. The fact that you are making people get involved with your blogs is an outstanding blog marketing strategy, because it keeps people coming back. Now they have invested something personal into it.

You also want to make your blog attractive. Pictures and banners can help, but don’t make your blog marketing strategy focus on just graphics. Words are power. Keep a good balance between the two, and if you have to choose one over the other, then words always win. In the end, you want to make your blog authentic. People are smarter than you think, and they can sense if a blog is just there to make money or if it is also there to help them. Make authenticity part of your overall blog marketing strategy and you will definitely be profitable.

Author:  Eric Thom, offering blog marketing services with proven results. Use RSS Applied services for building powerful blogs and proper training to incredibel results.