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September 10, 2007

Driving Customers to Your Website: Article Marketing for the Non-Writer

If you know even the basics of internet marketing, you in all probability already know the benefits of article marketing.  You are most likely aware that by submitting your article to various article submission sites, your articles may get high search engine rankings for certain keywords, and you know that since these articles have a direct link to your site, you improve your traffic.  You also probably already know that overtime, with frequent submissions, you will gain multiple backlinks to your site, thus improving your website’s search engine rankings.  And most importantly, you know that article marketing drives targeted traffic to your site.  So, if you already know all of this, why aren’t you doing it?

Many entrepreneurs simply don’t have enough time to sit and write articles on a regular basis, while others don’t feel the desire to write.  Some business owners feel that they can’t effectively convey their message in writing because they don’t have the skill.  Whatever your reasons, they are, quite frankly, not good enough.  The traffic that is gained by article marketing is the most valuable kind of traffic you can get.  The individuals who read your article are people who have searched for the topic that you have written about, and if they click your link, they are interested in what you have to say, or in a product or service you describe in your article.  This is a qualified customer who is much more likely to buy from you than someone who randomly clicks on your link from another source.

So, what can you do if you are one of those entrepreneurs that have the desire to write, but lack the confidence?  My first suggestion would be to try it.  You never know, you could unleash a hidden talent.  Doing some research will help you to gain confidence in your abilities.  Read books and articles on writing, and on how to write articles that drive targeted traffic to your website.  Of course, not everyone can write effectively, and if you discover you are in this category, or if you have no time or no will to write, you still don’t have to miss out on this opportunity.  Consider hiring someone to write for you.
Outsourcing will allow you to get your message out and gain the benefits of article marketing, while saving you the effort of actually composing the article yourself.  A ghostwriter will write articles for you, allowing your name to appear as the author.  The resource box will link back to your site and the ghostwriter’s name does not appear anywhere in the article.  Since you are paying for the writer’s service, these articles will belong to you, not the writer, so you can use and reuse them as you see fit.

Of course you are the expert in your field, not the writer, so it’s always most effective if you provide the points you want to make in the article and the way you want to convey your message.  You can simply write a brief point by point synopsis of what you want included in your article and give that to the writer, or provide him/her with a voice recording with your instructions.  If you don’t even want to be this involved in the process, you could also pay the writer to research the topic you would like to have written about and have the writer submit the articles to places online that your target market frequents.  You can hire a professional Writer, or a Virtual Assistant that offers ghostwriting services.  Some Virtual Assistants also offer internet research services and many are knowledgeable about the best places to submit articles online.

Before hiring anyone to carry out your writing for you, ask for samples of their work.  You don’t want to hire someone to write articles in your name when their writing style does not suit your personality, or if you simply don’t enjoy reading their work.

In short, just about anyone can use article marketing to increase their search engine rankings and drive qualified traffic to their website.  If writing is not your forte, you don’t have to miss out on this opportunity.  Hire someone to do your ghostwriting for you, be they a professional Writer or a Virtual Assistant.  Just be sure that you are hiring the right person for the job, and that you have them writing articles on the topics that your target market would read.  Not being a writer shouldn’t prevent you from taking advantage of opportunities to drive countless potential customers to your site.

Author:  Kevin Sinclair is the publisher and editor of Be Successful News, a site that provides information and articles on how to succeed in your own home or small business.