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October 3, 2007

Using Google Reader for SEO Strategy

Blogs have become the wave of the future. People used to get newspapers and magazines daily in order to get their information. Now they just click the mouse a few times and are instantly given all of the information they search for. Unfortunately, it started becoming a really long process. One person might have thirty blogs that they enjoyed reading, or found informational, and they could easily spend an hour looking at all of those blogs. Even worse is when you read a good article and then spend hours searching for it weeks later.

The Perfect Solution

Once again, Google has come to the rescue. Everyone knows that Google is the number one search engine, and has become the best place to get free e-mail access and storage. We should have figured out that they would out-do the rss / blog marketing arena. They have done this in a huge way. The Google Reader uses RSS feeds to give users access to only the information that they want to have access to. Think of it as a personal, constantly updating newspaper!

How To Use Google Reader

Like most things Google, Google Reader is exceedingly easy to use. Some RSS readers require being downloaded and installed, which can be a daunting notion for anyone. Instead, Google Reader, like most things Google, keeps things all online, at You can use it in three simple steps:

  1. Visit the Google Reader site.
  2. Use the search box or enter your favorite blogs rss address.
  3. Click “Subscribe”.

Three very simple steps and you have access to all of your favorite news and information sites. Trust Google to make things easy. One of the nicer functions of the Google Reader is that you don’t need to know the address of a specific site. You can type something in the search box, such as the word “news” and get a list of hits of sites that Google deems appropriate. Then just click on them, and click “Subscribe” and you’re all set up!

Once you’ve subscribed to a few feeds, look to the left of the screen. This space will show you all of the feeds that you have subscribed too. This means that, instead of spending hours looking at the sites, you can spend minutes searching for new content! Add this site to your favorites menu and it will be the only site you need to have access to.

Google Reader and SEO

If you are focusing on optimizing your site to increase your rank with Google, than the Google Reader should make you smile. The fact that this reader is both free and very easy to use means that millions of people will be searching for and adding their favorite blogs to the Google Reader. This means that blogs and RSS feeds will become even more important on the internet than they are now, which is an excellent sign for any internet marketer. Even better is the fact that the gurus at Google have added a search box to the Google Reader. This means that a user can type in a word or phrase, possibly to search for a blog post they read weeks before, and all of the top matches will come up. There is nothing an internet marketer likes better than to have their site be pushed to the top by Google.

So how does this help in SEO, well the ease of use means that by adding your own feeds and feeds that are from your favorite location then Google is now recognizing these feeds as well. The more popular your feeds are and the more they are used by others then the higher up your results will be when others are looking for relevant content to add to their reader and the more importance Google places on your content.

The face of the internet is changing so much and unless you are keeping up you are going to loose out. The value of internet users is now being taken more seriously then ever before and the more valuable your content is the more popular you become in the ranks.

Where to Start

The first thing to do is to set up your own Google Reader. It’s quick and painless and will give you an idea of exactly how the program works. In order to do that, just head to to begin setting up your account. Then just figure out what you’d like to do with your account. You can sit back and enjoy being able to read all of your favorite blogs in one area, or you can take it a bit further by using Google Reader to optimize the potential of your website. One thing is for sure, Google Reader has amazing potentials, no matter how you want to use it.

Sites Benefiting Already

Here are sites running blogs in various industries that are making full use of the Google Reader and already saying they have seen the traffic results for it.


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