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October 10, 2007

Secret SEO Tips for Ezine Publications

Article writing for the purpose of ezine publication has become the norm for SEO tactics. You can finds articles covering just about any industry on 100s of ezine sites. Having become a standard for site owners to write articles and have them published, we now see more ezine sites popping up all over the web. The effectiveness of this method is very strong when done the right way. If the reverse effect is done in the wrong way you are greatly benefiting the ezine sites and loosing out on potential traffic.

The biggest issue for any type of SEO method is discovering where to learn to do this properly because there is no real education out there for this, only hit and miss tactics. What I am going to outline here are 6 secret tips on how to publish ezine articles for better traffic results. Now, I say secret because even though article writing is a common practice it is not always done correctly. What I will reveal here will work wonders for your site and motivate you to want to write even more!

Focus your article on a long tail keyword
This means that if you are selling shoes then go after a specific work like “Mens Nike Shoes” or “Or “Nike Air Force 1 Shoes”. There are many sites for you to use to research keywords and find the keywords you want to use for your articles. Submit Express is a great site to start searching for the best keyword.

After you find a great keyword to work on, focus that article on that keyword. Stick to one subject here, especially if you are writing articles for not only a link back to your site but to see your keyword move up in the ranks.

Proper Keyword Insertion for your Ezine
This is very important as you focus on your ezine article and want to get acceptance to as many ezine sites as you can. If you over use the keyword then many of these ezine sites will just deny your request. If you use the keyword to little, then the search engines will not rank your site appropriately.

If you write an article and use too many keywords then they end up being ignored or marked as spam by search engines and again you loose the effect of keyword placement. If you really need to use additional keywords because the article just won’t make sense without them, then use them as little as possible or use different variations of the keyword so that your primary keywords stands out.

Ezine word count for a higher approval rate
Now that you have your keyword and you are going to write your ezine article, your word count should be 500 words or more.  For great effectiveness in this method try to keep it within the 500 word range, if it becomes a 1000 word or more, then split the article into 2 parts.

Make sure to use the keyword 1 time per every 100 words and no more! What this means is if you write a 500 word article then use the keyword 5 times, you don’t necessarily have to make sure the keyword appears literally every 100 words. The idea here is that you are optimizing your content for your primary keyword.

Link Usage and Subject Matter
Never use links within the body of the article because many ezine sites will not approve your article. Though there are sites that allow this, it is very few and you can modify your article for those sites and submit individually to them.

Every ezine site has a bio line for “Author Name” and “Bio” about your company. In your bio make sure to include a link to your home page and a link to your product, service or landing page. Yes, you can use 2 links in your bio, but beyond that you will most likely be denied.

You are not trying to make your ezine article your sales pitch or your call to action on how they can now use your services from the subject you are writing on. Your subject matter is informational only. Again, this is information about an industry, product or service type. Plus you only have about 500 words to keep it simple but educational.

The most difficult tasks behind your content is your title. You want to make sure to include most or part of your keyword or part of your keyword phrase and make it unique enough that it will not be a duplicate of other author’s titles.

Best Submission Method
Submit your article to more then 1 article directory and make small changes per each submission in each of your paragraphs. Okay, I know this can be time consuming to not only submit but to edit differences in your article. There is an online service that allows you to make only 2 additional small variations to each paragraph and after you make your changes it will submit to over 1000 article directories instantly for you. The great part is that it takes your variations and creates a unique version for each ezine site it submits to. For more information visit Unique Article Wizard.

There are other sites that will auto submit your articles, but as of now I don’t know of any other program that allows you to use different author names and generates unique versions of your articles.

Now if you are not into this method you can always submit to your favorite ezine directories one at a time. The more you submit to the greater the benefit.

Take Your RSS Feeds and Submit Them
This is the last secret I am offering. Just about every ezine site has rss feeds for each category and for each article. What you do is find the category your article is in, find the article and click to view it. Look for the rss link and copy it. Usually it will be something like this:  

After you collect a reasonable amount of feeds from the directories your article was published in, you want to submit these rss feeds to as many rss directories as you can. If you are wondering how you will locate these feeds there are 2 ways you can do this.

1. If you are using the Unique Article Wizard they will provide a way to locate your approved articles.
2. You can do a search in Yahoo or Google using your article title in parenthesis and find them that way.

Here are 3 ways to submit your feeds to RSS Directories:

  1. Create an account with Google Reader and submit your article feeds there.
  2. Create an account with MyBlogLog and submit your feeds
  3. Purchase “RSS Submit“, download it and run it on your PC. You can cut and paste multiple rss feeds into this program and it will auto submit to over 80 rss directories and then it gives you an option to semi automatically submit even more.

Okay, there is one more secret most people do not even know about. However, I am not going to tell you here, you have to contact me at: ( using the subject “Reveal the hidden Secret for Ezines” and put whatever message you like. I promise I will respond and I won’t send a huge document that makes you read on and on until you finally get to the end and find out there is no secret. I will send you an email that will explain the final secret that will help push your SEO positions over the edge.

Author:  Darren Dunner – Editor of SiteProNews. All of our articles come rss friendly and you can subscribe using our feed: