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October 17, 2007

The Best Way To Get Steady And Free Traffic

There are three major goals to achieve when you write content. Of course you need to incorporate those magic keywords that brings the almighty Google to its knees, but you cannot forget that someone will ‘actually’ read the content once you have it posted. This is necessary, of course, to start drawing in regular readers.

Traffic is not difficult to obtain if you strive consistently along on the following three main objectives in order to squeeze the most out of content or article. Getting these traffic results for free may sound difficult especially for people who are uncertain where to start.

There are always alternatives such as Google Adwords. The obvious problem here is that this kind of SEO strategy is not free. Additionally, since the introduction of Google Slap, a page needs to be created around the keyword to get good placement. Google Slap refers to the penalty that Google charges Adwords users whose pages have little content and it can add up quickly.

Now since this is some what necessary anyway, won’t it be more practical to write relevant content and have it ranked high with Google? Isn’t it better to achieve these results without have to pay through the nose for it?

Why not create a quality content page instead of using Adwords? If done right, your content can help you gain ranking with Google which in turn will increase your websites traffic. Free traffic is the goal, and we are going to show you how to do it.

The 3 Content Objectives…

Boost Your Ranking With Keywords

The best article in the world will not get read if no one can find it. In order to increase your website traffic, you need a solid SEO strategy that you can follow step by step. Some people like to start with keywords with little or no competition to more easily achieve a top ranking. Then they use the ‘halo effect’ to go for top rankings with similar keywords. Whatever your strategy is, you must always be sure to keep it in mind when you outline your articles.

Many people like to use the main keyword once in the first paragraph and once in the last paragraph, with four or five similar keywords throughout the article. You have to be careful with this, because if the keywords are too similar you will sound redundant to the reader. Besides, keyword stuffing can be a detriment to your ranking with Google.

Once you decide on your keywords, you need to infuse your article with them without making it stand out awkwardly. This may be difficult to do so you might want to consider hiring a content writer. You need to make sure that you do not get so caught up in the keywords that the writing ceases to flow smoothly. Awkward placement of keywords can be a big turn off to people who spend a lot of time reading blogs or content.

One of the best ways to keep things on track is by using keyword variations. For example…

Keyword – porsche boxster
Variations – porsche 911, porsche car, used porsche boxster, porsche boxster for sale, porsche

As you can see there are 5 variation keywords and the main keyword, giving you a total of 6 options.

In the main body of the text you can use the main keyword one to three times, and then use the variables about another 1 or 2 times.

The primary aim is to optimize the page for a top ranking using the keyword ‘porsche boxster’. Now since your main aim is to optimize this keyword, the variations are considered secondary priorities. You really do not have to make much effort to optimize them because your keyword is already set. The benefit is that you do not have to focus a lot on the variations, but they may help you with your ranking..

What you will also need to understand is that these strategies will not work for every keyword you use. The effect varies, so you will need to be able to adjust your game plan.

Provide ‘Quality’ Content That Sticks

Remember the main reason why you want a good ranking with the search engines. You want to attract visitors and you’ll want them to stay for a while. One thing you should consider is that Google takes into account the amount of time people spend on your site.

Whether you want to believe it or not, most people doing a search on the web are more sophisticated than you might think. When they visit your site, they are looking for relevant and intelligent content, so you can be sure that if you are lacking in this area, they will quickly leave.

Audience awareness is crucial to retain the interest level of your visitors. You will need to immediately grab their attention and then keep it. You can use humor, empathy, or just solid information to keep the reader on your site. You will need to take great care that your writing is interesting and well written because a visitor who is bored will not stay long.

They can be driven away by a lack of relevant content, poor grammar, or by an article that is sluggish and boring. Always walk away from your article before proof reading. Come back and re-read it with fresh eyes to spare your readers or any poor writing.

Build Up A Call To Action For Instant Results

There are many catch phrases and writing structures that are supposed to bring a reader to take action and many web users have caught on to these. They glean what they want from the site, ignore the sales pitch, and move on. You need to capture them early in the article and slowly build up to the call to action. A sales blip at the end of the article is very easy to avoid, but an article supporting legitimate reasons for taking action will naturally direct the reader to follow your lead.

Take care when you decide how to write an article so that you do more than provide a backdrop for your keywords. An SEO article is your platform to generate free traffic and on many occasions, an absurd amount if done correctly. Bring the visitor to your site, draw them in, make them read, and prompt them to take action with a well written article.

There are practically thousands of people doing this and making a good living. Don’t focus all your attention to the keyword. Instead, try concentrating on what the reader will find useful and write content with keywords at the back on your mind. As at the end of the day, a reader will take action and pay for what you have on the page, not Google!

Author:  Mohammad Latif: In order to generate free traffic, writing an effective content page requires you to pay attention to the rules, but also to keep it attractive for the readers. It’s not difficult as it may seem. Learn more at Google Snatch