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October 18, 2007

Driving Traffic To A New Website

You have just put up your new website and it looks great! It has good optimized content, projects your business image and above all has a killer sales page. Now comes the dilemma, you are just like an oasis in a huge desert (the Internet). How do you let people know you are here and ready to serve them? In short how do you drive traffic to your new website? Here are a few ways:

  1. Article distribution
  2. Search engines
  3. Google Adwords
  4. Blogging

Article distribution: Is the easiest and one of the most cost effective ways to drive good targeted traffic to your website. You can manually submit to the article directories, by looking them up on Google and then submitting individually, this is free, but takes time. The next way is to make a one-time purchase of an article submitter; this will save time but is limited. The next way is to use a service. This will cost a little more but will give you a wide range if distribution. Do your research and find one that does lists and article directories. This will give you traffic and valuable back links. It will take a little time but this method of promoting will snowball as more and more of your articles are distributed.

Search engines: These are mostly free to submit to, and will take about 4-12 weeks to get your site indexed, or listed in the search engines. This will eventually bring warm ready to buy visitors that will come automatically as they search your keywords. This promotion must be carefully thought out, as the right keywords and optimization of your website is critical to your success. You will need to monitor this carefully, and add new optimized content to your site every week or so. This can be in the form of informative articles about your products, services, or your industry.

Google Adwords: This is the quickest way to bring traffic to your website. You can have highly targeted visitors coming to your website within hours. However this will take a little work and research. Google has good tutorials and it is wise to read them carefully. Do your keyword research and choose those that are well searched by your particular market. You can check the overture search tool for this, http://goodkeywords .com will help you, as will Google itself. Remember to bid as low as you can and monitor this well. Decide if your cost per click is worth the amount of sales you are making and bid accordingly. It is very important to keep a close watch on this so that it does not spin out of control and cost you money.

Blogging: This is one of the simplest forms of promotion but needs to be done right. Keep your blog focused on your market, your products, and services. Do not stray away onto personal topics. The purpose of your blog is to intrigue your reader, give them a little teaser, and compel them go to your website. Blogging at word press will give you good tools for promotion and allow you to do some fancy stuff. However do place a blog at http://blogger. com first. This is Google’s blog page and will be crawled regularly by their little search engine bots. This means that your blog will be picked up quickly, and when the Google bots come by, they will follow your links and find the content you are pointing to. This in turn will get that content indexed within 48 hours in the Google search engine. Try to blog every 1-3 days. It does not take long just a short interesting paragraph will do.

Try to do all these things on a regular basis and you will see your website grow in popularity and you will also make sales from the good quality traffic you will drive to your website.

Author:  Cheryl Miller is an entrepreneur specializing in niche markets. For more information about magnetic badges and how they can help you promote your business, please visit Cheryl is also the publisher of the Magnetic Marketer Newsletter