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October 24, 2007

6 Keys to Building Momentum in Your Online Network Marketing Business

I have people in my organization who have built a group of hundreds of people in their online network marketing group in 6 months, and others that only recruited a dozen or so people in six months. And I think I finally figured out why.

I think the “secret” can be summed up in one word: momentum. And momentum doesn’t seem to be created by massive effort, “big breaks”, or charismatic, flamboyant personalities. As a matter of fact, from my own experience I can’t find many common denominators between the leaders I know in the field of online network marketing. There are men and women, old and young, people from blue collar backgrounds as well as white collar professionals.

So how do you create momentum? Here are six keys that I have identified in people that I personally work with, in and out of my organization:

1. They have a vision of what they want and a plan to get there. Their “why” is strong. They usually have very specific reasons that they are building their business, and they are serious about achieving their goals. They have a business plan, and act from that plan, which includes their goals, strategies, and marketing methods.

2. They treat their business like a business, not a hobby. They are willing to invest in their business. These are the people that don’t complain about the cost of marketing. They may not have large budgets, but they are willing to invest $200-$300 a month or more to achieve their dreams.

3. They are consistent. They work their business every single day, at least 5 days a week or more, where those that are unsuccessful work their business once or twice a week, if that. In Jim Collins amazing book, “Good to Great”, he compares building momentum to getting a huge flywheel spinning. The first push doesn’t do much, or the second or third, or even the hundredth. But over time, if you are consistent and never leave the task, you get it spinning so fast that even if you grabbed hold of it with all your might you couldn’t stop it. Building an online network marketing business is just like that, you have to give it consistent effort over a reasonable period of time, usually at least six months.

4. They take 100% ownership of their business. They aren’t waiting on anybody else to do anything for them, they just dig in and get to work. You will never hear these people say, “I could be successful if I had a good sponsor”. These people are going to get it done even if they have the worst sponsor in the world.

5. They are students of the business, constantly learning and studying. They spend time not only in personal development, but they are students of business and of marketing. They also invest a fair amount of time in trial and error, and discovering what doesn’t work to find out what does. They’re not afraid to fail if they learned a lesson in the process.

6. They are passionate about the products. It’s rare to see somebody create a great online network marketing business if they aren’t really passionate about what they’re selling. These people are not only fans of the products, they are usually on the “big” autoship and are proud to talk to anybody about the products they represent.

I believe anybody can activate their membership with a company they feel good about, and simply apply these six principles for six months and have success. It’s not that hard, it’s just that most people don’t understand the power of consistent effort, with the right attitude, for a reasonable period of time. So if you want success in the online network marketing world, just apply these six fundamentals to your business and get ready for the bonus checks to roll in!

Author:  Dave Sherwin is a Network Marketer who won the “Rookie of the Year”award in a large international network marketing company in 2006. He is the co-author of “Lighthouse Marketing”, The Art And Science Of Attracting People Into your Network Marketing Organization. Learn the Lighthouse Marketing secrets at: