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November 22, 2007

Internet ‘Street Smarts’ Traffic Secret – FIND versus LOOK

When you are creating your Internet marketing plan, knowing how people LOOK for, and FIND information online, is the primary reason for having a niche website instead of a general interest site.

The important point here is how people LOOK for information versus how people will FIND a site like yours.

First, look at how people will generally FIND your website:

  • Word of mouth: On the Internet, ‘word of mouth’ is email. Look how many times you have received an email from a friend telling you about some information they found at a certain website.
  • Advertisements: This could be the ad’s you see running down the right hand side of the page on many websites.
  • Articles: There are thousands of articles circulating on the Internet and this is one of the BEST free ways to invite people to visit your website – writing an article about your area of expertise.
  • Search engines: If your websites content and keywords match what people type in their search phrase.
  • Links: This is when one website puts a ‘link’ – a type of pointer – on their site pointing to your website.

Example, if you have a site that lists animals for adoption, a pet food manufacturer could have a link on their website pointing to your site. Think what that would do to increase the number of visitors to your website.

Now, contrast how people may FIND your site, with how people LOOK for information online.

While there are many ways that people may wind up visiting your website, there is really only one way that people look for information online and that is by using the search engines such as Google or Yahoo. That is why Larry Page and Sergey Brinx are billionaires … they founded the search engine Google.

Because of the way people look for information, sites that target only one niche are much more efficient then a large site that tries to market a variety of products to everyone.

It works like this:

When people go to a search engine like Google, they type in a ‘search phrase’ which is also called a keyword or keyword phrase.

Example, let’s say a person is looking for information about education for an autistic child. At the search engine website they would type in something like this keyword phrase: ‘special education for autistic children’.

If you own a site that specializes in information about autism, has the word autism or autistic in your website title and website address, has a keyword list that includes autism and autistic, have links from other sites to your site and have web pages full of fresh current information about education for autistic children, then your site will climb to the top of the search engine list.

On the other hand, if you have a general interest site and you just happen to have a story about an autistic child your site will be displayed way down the search engine list, where most people will never find it.

The best way to capitalize on people’s habits of how they LOOK [search] for information online is to setup your websites to target niche markets.

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