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November 23, 2007

Affiliate Marketing – Top 3 Tips To Make More Income As An Affiliate

Making money online as an affiliate is becoming tougher and tougher as competition continues to increase. Affiliate marketing is a growing trend at this moment and each day more people are realizing that it is a legitimate way to make a lot of money online. You must be committed to learning certain skills and strategies if you want to succeed as an affiliate, here are a few tips that will hopefully help you become a more successful affiliate marketer.

Tip 1: Avoid the hard sell tactic

It is very easy to get desperate and then to try and force the product you are selling as an affiliate to your visitors. This strategy rarely works because most people usually only buy once they feel they have done some research and trust the product or service being sold to them.

This is why it is important to inform your visitors first either on the product itself by doing an honest unbiased review free of hype or by giving them another article related to your niche and then at the bottom of these articles you can then be a bit more aggressive and tell them to purchase by clicking through to the sales page.

If you own a website resist the temptation to display the products you are selling above the fold of your site. Instead offer free useful information related to your product or the niche you are in and then at the bottom of your pages make your product recommendations.

Tip 2: Use article marketing

Many people hate the idea of writing articles since it does require some effort on your part as far as researching and becoming an expert in your niche. Article marketing has been working for those smart enough to use it since the invention of the internet and it should continue working well into the future.

There are two primary benefits to article marketing and that is that you get traffic in two ways. The first is from the article directories themselves as people click through on the links at the bottom of your article to visit your site. The second is from improved search engine rankings as the link popularity of your site grows.

Simply write an article around 500 to 700 words and then submit it to major article directories. Focus on quality and creating something informative and useful. Never blatantly promote your products in the body of your articles otherwise they will not get published.

Tip 3: Create your own site

Many people are not comfortable with trying to learn basic html so they try to avoid creating a website or rely on others to do it for them. Remember that there are many free html programs like Dreamweaver that are very easy to learn and there are also many great site builders you can use to easily create sites that look great.

Make sure your site is focused on providing information rather than simply promoting your affiliate program. Add useful articles on a regular basis, at least add a new piece of content to your site once a week. This will help to attract more visitors to your site since you always have new content.

Another benefit of having your own site is that if you do use article marketing then the link popularity of your site will grow with time and your site will get free traffic from the search engines due to better rankings. When you are choosing a domain name for your site it is a good idea to pick something that is keyword rich.

So do some keyword research, you can use the free google keyword tool and look for a heavily searched term in your niche and make sure to have that term in your domain name. This should also help with your search engine rankings so make sure you do it. Affiliate marketing is not complex but it does require effort and commitment to make it work just like anything else worthwhile in life so focus on the future rewards to keep you motivated to continue taking action.

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