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December 21, 2007

Video for Search Engine ranking stupidity

Recently some promotional videos claim top ranking quickly, but the advice given is not quite right. This relates to several products I have seen recently on using video for Google ranking and the way they are being promoted.

Some of these promotions are been portrayed as a 5 minute push button solution to top search engine ranking, and in the example, they are correct but there is more too it than that. Warning rave coming!

Lets say you are playing a game of tennis against a 10 year old. You, as the adult, don’t need to work hard, just a few well placed shots and you are winning. Great for the ego, but not really any kind of achievement.

Now lest say your 10 year old runs home crying and brings back his brother, Sam. Now the brother plays some tennis, but you still achieve a win. (Bare with me I do have a point).

Now the win this time provides a much better feeling and you have achieved something over a similar opponent.

Now let say the brothers says his cousin also plays tennis and he is currently staying with them. He asks if you would be interested in playing him? ” Sure ” you say after all you have had success already and are feeling confident.

The cousin arrives and suddenly you don’t feel so confident- he introduces himself, but he really didn’t need too….”Hi, I am Sam’s cousin, Pete” – You shake his hand and you stutter….Pete Samapras?

He nods and you begin to play. Very quickly he wipes the previous smile from your face when each and every ball is sent past you for another point.

Now what’s my point here.

Now did the game change? No

Did the rules change? No

Did the standard of competition change? Yes

The competition playing field had changed creating different results.

People just love the fast quick fix. It is a video service product which allows you to upload videos to several places instantly and also create social bookmarks for you.

The video that is being shown creates ranking in Google in the top 5 in hours not months.

Here is where I have a problem….The example shows what I call an “ego keyword” – good for ego, not for pocket – not a money making keyword. The term that its shows rank for does not have enough people searching for it. (so what is the point anyway?)

Due to it being brand new content, Google would automatically rank it high, after a few days it would then suffer a “Google bounce” and it settle back down to a reasonable position. That really doesn’t matter because not enough people are searching for it any way

See this is the competition comes in. If it were a money keyword, then it would have competition, from at least some sites that know what they are doing. Who wants to be ranked high for something no one is likely to be searching on? I have yet to see anybody prove using video is a way of getting real money making top rankings. Please point me to someone if you know anybody!

You can get traffic from videos and viral marketing going on by putting the videos up and getting others to comment on them, making them top in Youtube which will bring you some recognition and more visitors- Really this is using a database to drive it.

The final point is to stop looking for the “microwave” search engine ranking results- The major search engines don’t allow it to happen. Anybody can achieve a top ranking if they have done the work to get it.

Author:  Paul Easton is an online marketing maven – who helps from an “in the trenches, doing it” point of view. Search engines and linking for long term traffic a speciality. Get a Plan for free web Traffic here: SEO Training