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December 26, 2007

Search Engine Optimisation Services Specialist Discusses Website SEO Serices 1

The first step in your campaign to market your website from a search engine optimisation standpoint is that you must create and place an “About Me” page on your website. When you do this the person visiting your website gets a real good feel for who they are doing business with. This is very important. If people are going to do business with an SEO services specialist they do not need to know how rich he or she is, they want to know what their experience and practical successes have been with search engine optimisation.

They want to deal with real people who are interested in genuinely helping other people succeed by providing proven reliable practical and successful SEO techniques and services. The more sincere and honest you are the easier it is to convey that message through and on your website. Also, keep this “About Me” principle in mind when you are configuring your website.

Ok, so let us go through the procedure, step by step, of what to do and how to approach your marketing campaign for your website. One. As discussed and detailed before, the title of your website is the search category that your website will land in on the Google search engine. The title must be keyword specific. This is a critically important SEO principle.

The title must have the words of the opportunity, service or product that you are marketing through your website. Be very focussed with your keywords and keyword phrases. Stay focussed right from the beginning of your website marketing campaign and follow through with a focussed approach to the end. Focus on one keyword area. Don’t broaden out your keywords.

For example do not go for the keyword phrase “home based business” when you start your search engine optimisation website marketing campaign because you will not get first page ranking on the Google search engine as it is a very popular category. It would take at least six months of consistent SEO work to get top ranking on Google for that category.

Two. In order to know what keywords to choose and to remain focussed with those keywords and keyword phrases throughout your website marketing campaign, you need to know, in detail, exactly what your program, opportunity, service, products are about. This is what you are promoting through your website and you need to know all the details at all times and you need to stay up to date with all the latest developments in your program.

Many people do not know what their program is about. This is internet marketing and search engine optimisation suicide. Do your research thoroughly before and after you join a program and stay up to date with all related changes. Three. Once you have decided on the keywords and keywords phrases to use, conduct a thorough research of the words and phrases you have chosen. Here is a ‘Rule Of Thumb” for keyword research in an SEO marketing campaign.

Do not get too tied up with your keyword research. You can actually lose focus and not do the work because you can become confused. Pick some relevant keywords and do the work to start the search engine optimisation process. This is not a complicated process and it is much easier than you think to get a first page ranking on the Google search engine. SEO requires consistency and effort and unfortunately many people just do not have the determination, perseverance and discipline to do that.

From an effective search engine optimisation point of view the number of keywords in your Meta Tags that you place in the back end configuration of your website should not exceed a thousand characters. The number of characters in your title is totally up to you. Most submission companies usually only permit title lengths of a maximum of one hundred characters. A hundred characters can be very beneficial for you in your title because you can use many specific keywords in that title.

Be concerned with the product or service that your website is marketing. This applies specifically to your management of keeping up to date with the changes that your business opportunity makes with their products and or services. You need to know all your opportunities details so that you can write related content in your website to market that information. Concentrate on how you can configure or design your website from an SEO angle to promote your business product and or service. Focus on how you can capture keyword categories to place in your title and website content that will place your website on the first page of Google.

The more keyword categories that you can capture on the Google search engine the higher traffic areas you will get into, the better off for you. This could result in more sign ups into your business which will bring you more profits. When configuring or designing your own website effectively you need to ensure that you accomplish one critical SEO aspect.

Choose your website title and then do some testing of that title by conducting searches on search engines and by using keyword selector tools. See how popular it is as a search term in the search engines, specifically the Google search engine. Everything in search engine optimisation is testing by trial and error to see what works and what does not. When involved in your campaign you need to test a lot. You need to test to make sure that you stay up to date with how the Google search engine works.

Look for Series 2 for more information.

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