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December 28, 2007

Avoiding Becoming An SB Site Spammer


Social bookmarking offers you a lot of freedom, and can help you drive traffic to your website overnight. Still, abusing this freedom can lower the credibility of your business, your brand, and your company name. Moving beyond the potential for spamming will help you to build a strong and regular community, instead of being booted off a social bookmarking network.

It’s important to review your submissions to make sure you’re not overusing keywords. Keyword overuse is a turnoff for readers anyway, and you should aim for a keyword density between 6-8% at the maximum level. Most readers will easily pick up on articles that simply do not make sense, and this will limit your ability to promote quality work. Instead of focusing exclusively on SEO, create something unique with an attractive headline instead.

Google and Yahoo! are also becoming vigilant about catching spam-type articles and you will lower your chances of indexing as a result. The most important factors for indexing by Google include:

  • Publishing content that is relevant to the heading or topic
  • Quality formatting
  • Appropriate links and references
  • Appropriate amount of keywords

Reading all terms of use and guidelines will ensure that you can make the most of your participation, and grow with your community so you are developing a strong presence.

Avoiding Becoming A Spammer If You’re Using Duplicate Content.

Duplicate content makes it easier for you to write about your topic of choice, giving you a pre-researched format and guideline. Still, it’s important to make many changes to the article, and obtain permission rights from the author when necessary. A single sentence or paragraph that is copied word for word can be detrimental to your search engine placement, and may even lead to copyright infringement.


You’ll find a variety of submission directory software packages and applications available on the web today, but it’s important to review the risks involved with using an automated service. Since many of these can be blocked by spam filters, the efforts may not be worth your time. These software packages are designed to submit your content and information on multiple sites in one simple step.

Some social bookmarking submission software packages are designed to be compatible with multiple websites, but you may find that some of your content simply becomes pushed onto spamming sites and bogs. This is why submitting to quality directories and sites is even more important today. Automation does not necessarily guarantee quality, and only you can make the decision on whether this is appropriate for your business, your blog, or your website.

Still, you may find some value in free sites such as Socializer 2.0. Socializer is free web service from that allows you submit one link to several social bookmarking websites by adding some code to your site. The company has also developed customizable WordPress and Movable Type plugins and you can find instructions on downloading this information directly from the website.

You can book mark your articles to one folder in your IE Favorites, export it to it’s own folder and import all book marks in that folder to and them tag/label them. Many of the other Social Bookmarking Sites have features that will allow you to import those favorites directly into your account from

IMPORTANT: Remember to mark all your bookmarks in all Social Bookmarking Sites as public. When you import bookmarks, most sites will automatically or by default mark them as private. When they are marked as private, no one including search engines can find of view your bookmarks. If you leave them marked as private, it of course then defeats the purpose of Social Bookmarking from a marketing standpoint.

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