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January 9, 2008

The Power of Two: MySpace, Squidoo, and Free Link Building

Link building is staple in online marketing for websites. Anyone that wants a chance at traffic will put their link out there on a variety of different sites. If you are focusing on building links to your own site within your own site by creating sub domain names and redirects then you will find your site a sinking ship in the vast ocean of the world wide web.

Link building is important in that search engines use them to determine a website’s popularity.  There are a number of ways to build quality one way links to your site that only require your time.  The amount of sites out there that allow you to place your text link on their site are numerous and these sites are aggressively putting themselves out there offering you this chance at a one way link.

To give you an understanding of why these sites are so willing to give up a link is that they are using their sites to advertise various types of companies, adsense and other means to bring in an income to their site.  By having your link on their site typically means you have contributed in some way or fashion content in the form of blogs, articles, discussions and other various forms of content. Your time and effort is rewarded and rated by other users and this is all visible to the search engines.

Link building may sound difficult, but it really isn’t. There are many websites and programs that allow you to build your links quickly. The danger in this is that it’s possible to generate a lot of link building that end up going nowhere; if your site does not contain quality content, then visitors will stop by once and keep moving to another link that will not only capture but keep their interest and compel them to try or buy your services or goods.

Your Goal here is twofold in that you want to build quality and powerful links back to your site and you want to make sure your site has great content that directs them as to what you are offering and how or why they need your particular offerings. We will not cover how to prep your site in this article but wanted to make you aware that once you follow these steps below and start receiving a flood of traffic, that anything after that is in your hands so be prepared on both ends.

Two Methods for Powerful Link Building

MySpace and Squidoo are two powerful online entities that utilize link building in order to generate heavy website traffic. The cost to do this is free, but does require a bit of care and talent.  The blog features on MySpace offer a great opportunity for link building, and the lens features on Squidoo are equally ripe for similar link building chances.  Since the key to successful link building is quality content, MySpace and Squidoo are websites rich with link building potential:  MySpace via the user-friendly website design options and blog feature, and Squidoo with its plethora of article lenses.

MySpace (  is a popular social utility site where people can create profiles, jazz up their profile pages with customized backgrounds, picture slide shows, music, and yes even start link building.  MySpace also allows independent music artists a platform where their music can get out to the masses without the political red tape that may be inherent in a music contract with a major record label.  One of the most popular MySpace features is the blog, where each person can blog on their profile and allow others to read it.  Through the myspace blog is a great potential to use link building for other websites.

It takes about five to ten minutes to create a profile on MySpace. You create a profile name, enter your real name, address, email address, and other required information, and MySpace generates a personal link to your profile page. Your profile name can be changed as many times as you want, but your profile link is permanent unless you delete your account completely.


Squidoo ( is popular social website which allows people to post lenses (articles reflecting their own personal viewpoints and expertise) and have those lenses accessed by thousands.    Visitors can leave comments on each lens, which is also an opportunity for link building.  Lenses allow users to meet new clients, start fan pages, sell items, have virtual fundraisers, make recommendations, and more.  It takes about ten minutes to set up a Squidoo account and from there, you can begin to create your own lenses, as well as access the lenses of others in the Squidoo community. 

How Link Building Works with MySpace and Squidoo

Blogs on MySpace are a prime opportunity for link building. With thousands of members, it is simple to search for blogs and read them, and leave a comment on what you’ve read.  Music groups have increasingly used this phenomenon to sell albums and fan comments utilize link building as a self-promotional tool.  The more comments you leave with links, the more chances you provide for link building traffic to your website.

Also, posting your blogs on subjects related to your industry carries over with it additional linking power. Make sure to put interesting facts or details that will cause others to comment on it. Don’t forget to spend some time each day adding new friends and encouraging them to read your posts and comment back on it.

Squidoo offers users the opportunity to comment on the lenses written by Squidoo community members.  With each comment, a user can leave a link that will generate traffic to that user’s website.  Squidoo has a member base similar in size to MySpace, which allows link builders many chances to increase the traffic generated to their sites – all from one powerful source.

You can also post your own lenses (articles) to Squidoo and make sure to take the time to build on the community and make friends.


If you spend about 15 minutes on each site commenting or adding new fresh content and building new friends you will have great success in link quality link building.

Successful link building is the result of great content, not link farms (groups of several websites that have links to each other, solely with the intent of building their search engine rankings).  Keep the content of your site fresh, witty, and engaging, and make sure to update it regularly.  Write it, and link building will come.

Aauthor:  Darren Dunner, Editor for SiteProNews your best resource for SEO concepts, web development ideas and online marketing. Darren has been in the web industry since 1999 and currently customizes and brands blogs for marketing purposes along with offering multiple ways to creative backlinking.