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January 11, 2008

Article Marketing: What Should Your Article Be About

Article marketing is a wonderful tool to gain attention to your business. Article marketing has been around ever since the printing press but it has really taken off in these days of the internet.

The good news: article marketing is a proven tool for growing your business through your website. The bad news: you have to write a lot in order for it to be most effective – and I do mean a lot.

How much? Some article marketing experts advise you to write five or six articles a day to keep yourself in the public’s mind. Remember, this is electronic media: one minute you’re the hottest thing out there, the next minute, you’re gone.

So, what can you write about so the well doesn’t run dry? Here are some ideas to get your creative side working for you.

What are the newest trends in your industry right now? Are you a dermatologist who supplies Botox? Write about its benefits to your patients. Do you have an alternative to Botox that is even better? Why is it better? What are some factors your patients should consider before going that route?

Is there something confusing about your industry that many people seem to misunderstand? For example, are you an advertising copywriter and everyone seems to think you deal with legal copyrights? Write an article and explain the difference. Are there some terms that make your clients’ eyes glaze over? Write a brief glossary that explains the legalese in an easy-to-understand way.

What is going on in your industry in the next few months? Many industries are cyclic, with the same events happening the same time every year. Remember: think two or three months ahead on the calendar, at least, to give yourself some lead time. Is it almost tax season? If so, are there tips you can give your customers on how to save on their taxes? Or, is it almost Christmas? Does your business offer a unique item that would make a great gift?

Now think about your particular company. Have you received any feedback from a client or customer about how your company helped them through some crisis? That’s great! Write about it. However, for article marketing, remember, it can be tricky: Free article content is not supposed to blatantly plug your company. You will probably have to change the names and situations just enough that the client will be unrecognizable in the article. But you can write the article so as to say, “Carol Smith’s house burned down, but thanks to new trends in insurance customer service, she was able to get help more quickly.” Your article can have links to your webpage where you can include Mrs. Smith’s testimonial, if you have her permission to do so.

One very effective way to brainstorm for article ideas is to come up with lists. What lists are helpful to your customers? “Ten things to do before you meet your financial advisor”; “Five ways to tell if your dog is healthy”; Six ways to choose a dermatologist” are all ideas that your potential customers will want to read. Once they do, they will want to visit your website or contact your company for more information.

Do and don’t articles can also be entertaining and informative. “Do take your dog’s leash on a trip to the vet. Don’t let Spike run wild in the office” can be helpful reminders. You can even use it on your own website, published in a checklist format that your customers can print off and keep on their refrigerator. Of course, you’d print it in such a way that your business contact information is at the bottom of the checklist.

Fun bits of trivia and history can make for an interesting article also. You could just list fun facts or make a short quiz. Just make sure that the information is truly interesting to your clients.

These are just some ways to brainstorm for article ideas. If you are truly stumped for ideas, just walk away from it for a while. You’ll be surprised at how much your brain will keep working on it without you being aware.

While article marketing is an intensive way to build public awareness in your business, it can be very effective. Try these ideas and soon your free articles will build interest in your company.

Author:  Moe Tamani is a SEO Marketing expert and Internet Marketing Strategies consultant.