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January 14, 2008

WordPress, Feedburner & MyBlogLog “Oh My!”

WordPress, What is Good for, absolutely everything!

The internet is inedited with blog sites, these blogs are popping up all over the place. I will not be surprised if we change the “www” to “wwb” “world wide blogs”. Wouldn’t that be funny! Well, we know that there are 100’s of blogs, 100’s of writers and yet some of you reading this article have yet to test out the power of a blog.

There are many great blog software programs, but I am a creature of habit and like to stick to what I know best, which is WordPress. Is this the best blog software out there? I really couldn’t say, but every site I use it on Ranks in top 10 of Google for specific keywords that I target. What I am about to explain here is how to take a power tool like wordpress and explain how you can start to turn this thing on!

There may be some aspects of this article that are confusing so feel free to contact us to get those questions answered. My attempt is to be clear, but I may throw a few things out there that will leave you wondering.

Let’s just say that as a reader you are interested in making money online and you have a great idea or you have re-invented other ideas in such a way that you know it is better then what has been done before. Now, you want to expose this idea of yours and turn it into money. How will you do this? Where do you start? You probably already have a website and can’t figure out why no one is hooked in yet.

Well, you need a blog and again my suggestion is WordPress blog. Install this on your site directly and then either you or someone qualified can change the design theme to match your own site. This is not easy and requires that you understand PHP, CSS and Xhtml.

Now you need to choose some topics to write about. This can be confusing too right? Because how would you know what kind of topics to write about that will capture the interest of the search engines and readers? I mean, this can be really tough to think of topics within your business industry to write about as I am sure everyone is well informed about your products or services and understand the benefits of all you have to offer right? Okay, I am being sarcastic here! Of course this is easy, who is a better expert in your industry then you are? You only need to choose a few topics.

For example, let’s take this article. If I decided to sell blog services based on what I am detailing here, then I can create a blog and have these 3 topics:

  1. Using WordPress
  2. Setup Feedburner Today
  3. All About MyBlogLog

Based on these 3 topics I can write up blog posts for days, weeks, months, etc. There is always something new and since this is my niche I can always have something to talk about.

Because of the power of WordPress every time I post a blog here, it pings a blog server. This means that a link back to my blog is noted and the search engines can now follow this new link and crawl my blog. Every post, I get a visit from the search engine bots.

So think carefully on your topics and don’t over do it. Try to stay with 3 – 5 topics unless you have a team of writers or ghost writers helping you out, this will be too much and you can loose the interest of your potential readers.

Another reminder here is to always leave a link back to your main site, service or product page. Every post gets a link back to your main site of business. In case this point is not clear… Link back to your main site on every single post! Just 1 link is all you need.

Connect Your WordPress to Your Feedburner!

What is Feedburner you ask? It is one of many ways to add a subscribe feature to your blog so that people can subscribe and be notified of the latest posts from your blog. Are there other means to accomplish this? Yes, there are many. So why choose FeedBurner? The first thing I consider here is that Google has acquired them and they make adding subscriptions to your blog super easy.

In order to use feedburner you would need to have a blog and an rss feed. To find your rss feed you need only add the words /feed after the URL of your wordpress blog. If you have a blog at: www.mywordpressblog/blog then you would input into FeedBurner this urls: www.mywordprssblog/blog/feed

After that, just follow the prompts and after you feed is set there is an option in FeedBurner called “Publicize” and on the left after you click this is “Email Subscriptions” click that and now you have a code to put on your wordpress blog.

In your wordpress blog software there is a file called “sidebar” it is located in wordpress/wp-content/themes/default/sidebar.php and this is the file you can open and insert your code. You may want to customize it a bit as you have some freedom with the script to add tables, borders, etc.

An example of this can be found at: which is a customized wordpress we setup using the techniques I have described here in this article.

There are many other features like ping options, feedcount, etc. For the purpose of this article we will not go into those at this time.

Your advantages for using FeedBurner are:

  • You can build an audience that will receive updates on your new posts
  • Since Google owns FeedBurner, you blog will now be pushed into Google’s search engine
  • If you take the time to learn more about FeedBurner you will find many other ways to advertise your blog

You Might Be A Member Already Of!

If you are not familiar with you may want to check this out. It has web 2.0 community features and allows you to publish your blog and rss feeds at no cost!

The great thing is you may already have an account to login and activate and not even know this. Yahoo has acquired and if you already have a Yahoo account you can login and start creating your profile and adding your blog today. It not, the sign up process is very simple.

I will write up an article dedicated to the “How To Use” but will give a couple useful tips here.

After you have your account click on “My Home” and you will see on the right side of the site “Account Tools” and then under it choose “Add site/blog I Author” Start to enter in the details it requires and follow the prompts.

You will discover that all members are search able, that this site is very search engine friendly and the back links you can receive from this site is amazing.

Another cool feature is the E-mail Signature that you can create from each site you list here on the site. You click on “My Account” then “Email Signature”. Follow the prompts there and create a really simple to make and simple to use email signature.

There are some paid features on After you add a site you can preview and edit these and see the options for these paid services. These only increase your web presence and are very affordable.

I highly recommend playing around with all the features and seeing how these can help put your blogs presence on the web.

Let’s Wrap This Up

By building your blog properly, creating a subscriber base using and promoting your blog using you are just starting to tap into the power of social media marketing. Though there are many other methods this is a great way to start building a smart and long lasting business online.

If you have any questions about this article please email “editor at” and I will be happy to assist further.

Author:  Darren Dunner, Editor for SiteProNews your best resource for SEO concepts, web development ideas and online marketing. Darren has been in the web industry since 1999 and currently customizes and brands blogs for marketing purposes along with offering multiple ways to creative backlinking.