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January 21, 2008

5 Sticky Online Marketing Tips To Keep ’em On Your Website

You’ve done everything right to grab targeted visitors to your website. Finally! You sit there basking in the glow of satisfaction when you check out your web logs. Your eyes roll to the back of your head… you’re not thinking lots of traffic. You’re thinking hordes of it with plastic in hand. And you can’t wait to check your orders and optins. Then?

Awful, gut-wrenching reality sinks in.

Nothing. No orders. No optins. You double check your traffic logs. And it looks a lot like your visitors cannot wait to get outta town! It’s like your site is coated with Teflon instead of super glue. Ever heard the saying… slicker ‘n a mouse’s lip?

But wait… don’t throw your self into the oncoming rush hour traffic. Here’s what you can do today to remove the slippery stuff and send the mouse packing.

Every visitor arrives at your website wondering just one thing: How will this place benefit ME! It’s me, me, me. “I hope this place has what I’m looking for.” So?

Tell them. Be upfront about it. This is no time to be shy… to be the staid marketer. Let them know the reason for your website’s existence. Maybe you’re thinking… ‘well, my domain has keywords in it. It’s at the top blazoned in size 26 cool-looking font. They can see all the product pics everywhere.’

Ok. So are you telling me you’re just like everyone else selling the same stuff you do? There’s nothing utterly unique about your business, your offer, your terms, your customer service, your customer retention or appreciation programs?


Better find something fast because if not, then you’re just like everyone else and so it really doesn’t matter if they do business with you.

Be very clear about what you’re selling. Try not to think about you or how cool your graphics and soft-focused pics are. That’s all nice. But you want the truth? They don’t really care half a wit about it. You’re right…

Appropriate amounts Do help create a professional image. But try to add a dose of moderation. Be tasteful about it. Not overwhelming.

If you have a serious business with serious content, then don’t hide behind the curtains. Peeking around to see who’s there.

Remember, among other things, you’re trying to build trust. And people will trust you a whole lot more if they know who the heck is running the place. “Who OWNS this place?” So let them see your lovely mug… your face. Make it easy to contact you. Give ’em a number to call, an email or warm and friendly form to fill out… the best you can. How about letting them know where on the planet your business calls home? Stuff like that. It’ll go a long way to help build credibility and trust. If you’re not hiding, then people will naturally think you have nothing to hide. Makes sense to me. So they’ll start thinking maybe you can be trusted with their money or optin info.

I remember being at a software site. And I really, really wanted this software. And this is the absolute truth: I spent almost 10 minutes finding the order link. It was maddening! But I wanted that software so much I became obsessed with finding the order link.

It was on the second page in the middle of the page. I was floored. I actually wondered if it was some very unwise joke or the guy was just totally bereft of any marketing clue.

I bought the software. Great software. Dumbest site navigation I ever witnessed.

Moral of the story? Don’t be like that, please.

Related to that has to do with giving your eager buyers as many ways to part with their hard-earned cash as possible. Ordering options. You’ve used them before. Right? An 800 number, order form, credit cards, paypal, how about… snail mail.

Options are cool. Be cool and you’ll get more orders.

How about leveraging your customers? Have strategically placed comments from your legions of happy and satisfied buyers. Social pudding with heavy doses of proof in it! That’s a winning recipe, for sure.

There it is, pals. Those are but a smattering from my personal bag of tricks. But they’re really not tricks. Just what works.

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