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February 5, 2008

Network Marketing Opportunity, List Building or Both?

I heard, before I joined an on line Internet Marketing system, to build a list first. I was foolish. I brushed it off. One I didn’t have anything to offer a list to start one. And two, I didn’t realize the importance of having a list. I spent $2,000 to join a program which I believed in. I figured I could make 2 or 3 sales a month and my business would grow. Boy was I wrong! I then spent another $800-1,000 in advertising without making one sale. Pretty discouraging. I bounced checks and paid bills late for months waiting for a break through that never came.

I absorbed myself in Internet Marketing though. I probably spent 60-80 hours a week,for about 10 months, studying on line and listening to audios about Internet Marketing to and from work. I’ve probably been on 300-500 different Internet marketers list. I probably have over 500 ebooks on Internet marketing. All given to me for free to be a subscriber to an Internet marketers list. If I wasn’t receiving 30-60 sales letters a day from being on those list, I might have had time to read one or two of those books by now. Actually, they have come in handy. When something does stump me, I do have all of those resources and I have learned from them.

It was through being on on those list that equipped me to be able to build my own list. When you’ve been on that many list you know which ones could grow quickly and which ones won’t. 90% offer the same products, whether for free or for sale. So, even as a newbie, you can start your own list. You don’t need unique products, you just need to set yourself apart from the 90% group! In fact, even the 10% group sells a lot of the same products.

So, what’s the difference? Patience, and the willingness to want to train new Internet marketers the ropes. The smart list builder will develop a relationship with you and give you free Internet Marketing training before they try to make a sale to you. The majority of them give you a free ebook, which they got for free anyway, along with a sales page ($49 price goes up $20 at midnight!) and then they fill your email box day after day with more sales letters until you unsubscribe. I do have patience though. I’ll usually give them the benefit of doubt and give them a couple of weeks before I unsubscribe.

I’m a faithful subscriber to about 5 or 6 Internet marketers. Because they have patience, they teach me a lot, they even offer free audio and video training. Now, when they are all out there promoting the same things, are you going to buy that $49 product from some one that gave you an ebook that they got for free, or are you going to buy that product from one of the guys that has invested in you? Because when one these guys offers me an affiliate program or Network Marketing opportunity, I’ll look it over because these guys have invested time and training into me, and I owe them at least that. Even if the time isn’t right for me, if the opportunity interest me, I’ll save it and look it over again in the future.

The point is is you can join one of the Internet Marketing opportunities out there and spend thousands of dollars with out making a sale. There is a lot of competitors selling the same products or a different one. But, odds are, by the time a person clicks on your ad they’ve already seen it 5 times in the last hour. You still have to pay $1 or so for each click. It gets very expensive and discouraging when they click and leave. I’m suggesting that instead of wasting thousands of dollars, be patient first off, and second build a list of people interested in Internet Marketing by training them list building first. You can earn a very good income doing this without sending out a sales page every day. Then when you are lucrative, find an opportunity that you believe in, and offer that to the list you built that you already have a relationship with and sales should follow!

Author:  Mark Draugelis has spent thousands of hours studying and testing ways to earn money on the Internet. Due to either over priced systems, or over saturated systems, he created his own system to build Multiple Streams of Income through free training! To get your Free training go to-