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February 12, 2008

Harnessing Marketing’s Awesome Power

If you’re brand new to doing business on the internet, then you have an excuse for not knowing the sheer power of information marketing. If done right… it’ll make you as much as your heart desires. Among other things, information marketing is scalable.

What does that mean?

Here… say you have a pay-per-click campaign going and you’re selling an ebook, which is information. You’ve done your homework and your campaign is into profit. And you’re spending $10 a day on your clicks. What’s next?

Start selling another product? No, silly. You find ways to kick your existing campaign into high gear. You ‘scale’ it up!

Reinvest… did I say, REINVEST? Yes, put your money back into your campaign and UP the voltage. Buy more clicks. Increase your daily budget. Find new keywords and phrases. Create more PPC campaigns for the same product.

How about taking your winning ads and moving into other search engine PPC marketing areas? How about taking those winning ads and doing some offline marketing like… classified ads! Hey…

Those ads work on humans at G, MSN, and Yahoo. Think they’ll work on humans reading a paper? YES!

Marketing is never-ending. Did you know that? You should do something to market your products every single day. And then…

You do the slightly tired and overused clich√©… rinse ‘n repeat!

Yeah! R ‘n R is the operative phrase, here. That’s another thing about information marketing that is SO great. It’s great because there are so many products you can market as an affiliate. And now that you have a successful campaign under your belt, you start another one. R ‘n R, baby!

And if you’re new to all this, here’s a suggestion…

Why not try dipping into affiliate marketing first before trying to create your own product? Just an idea. But here’s why I suggest it.

So much is already done for you! Product? Done. Marketing materials? Usually done and available. Payment processing? Forget about it… done. All you need to do is market it. And it’s a great way to introduce your self to online business. And then?

It’s cool to start thinking about creating your OWN information products. Of course it’s entirely ok and up to you if you want to do that first. What else…

What about pricing for your own information products? Lets talk about that…

You have to think about the problem your info product solves. If it’s something that people want NOW because their problem is so great… so painful, annoying and awful, then your price point can be higher than usual.

But your product MUST deliver! Your products should always be good to high quality. Your product must make good on the promises you make in your sales material. If you have those items together, then test your pricing and find what the market will bear.

What else is so great about marketing information products?

You don’t need a warehouse to store them! Unless you’re selling info delivered via CD’s or DVD’s. Most info marketers like going with downloadable info products. And if you’re starting out, you may want to consider doing that. But again, it’s up to you! If you cut your marketing teeth on downloadable info products, then you can start thinking about serious profits with physical info goods.

Building a list for your products, even as an affiliate, is where your own personal gold lies. And I can show you how to build a list as an affiliate. But that’s another story…

You probably already know that info products delivered as books, CD’s, or DVD’s have a higher perceived value than a downloaded product. And it’s something you should remember and explore because very serious money can be made on the backend.

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