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February 16, 2008

Reap Daily Profits from Your AdSense Farm

Hello. My name is Mike Small and I have been an SEO consultant for about ten years. In October of 2007 I published an article about “AdSense Farming.” Since writing that article I have received over 100 emails from readers asking for a bit more on the subject. I just got one last night in fact, so I figured I’d add a little more search engine optimization flavor to the concept of making money with AdSense. But before I begin I would like to stress that this is not a method to get rich quick. I make anywhere from $50 to $150 per month/per site that I have built using this information. Of course it only costs about $1 and a half hour (one time) to build each one, so the profits are quite nice. So, here we go…

Over the past couple years I’ve heard hundreds, if not thousands of stories about people who got rich from Google AdSense. It seems strange that I’ve never actually met one. It feels almost like an urban legend in the making; “I know a guy who knows a guy who made a killing on AdSense.” Kind of strange, don’t you think?

Do you ever feel like the reality of big profit is close but just beyond your grasp? Yeah; so did I. The good news is; it’s not your fault. We are simply trying to attain the dream that some “friends of friends” have already attained. We’ve bought the so called “wealth building” products that promised us an overnight fortune, but for some reason we never made the big bucks. To be honest this really made me question myself. If they can do it, why can’t I? Then I realized that making money from AdSense is a lot like farming. Some crops (or keywords) yield a higher price than others and the more fields you have planted, the better your chances of making good money.

Of course, in this case your “field” is just a website, which can be had at a cost of next to nothing. So, all-in-all, even small profits are pretty much all profit. A few months ago I tried to apply this idea to the real world. And the results were quite nice. Within two weeks I was making an average of $3.50 per day; about $105 a month, per site. It doesn’t sound like a lot but for a one-time fee of $99 I can host up to 100 AdSense farms, forever. The hosting company even supplies free Web content that gets a ton of traffic for me. That’s free traffic clicking my AdSense links month after month, every single month.

So, how do you get started? It’s really easy and very inexpensive. I’ll show you exactly how I did it, step-by-step.

First, if you don’t already have one, sign up for a free Adsense account at But do NOT get your ad code yet. I have some tips that can triple your response rates – and income.

Next, sign up with or a similar service. Just be sure to pick one that can create content rich, search engine optimized site for you automatically. That’s how you make your AdSense money. Please Note: When I registered for this service it was $99 and would let you have 100 automatically created websites – forever.

If you go decide to go for it, here are some tips from a 10 year veteran search engine optimization specialist that will put your sites over the top!

Okay, let’s do this by the numbers…

#1 Find the best keywords

Google gets more searches than any other search engine so let’s peek into their database, shall we? Check out and type in any keyword or phrase you can think of that you believe your target audience is looking for. Not only will it give you tons of data on that and related keywords, it will also provide “Additional Keywords to Consider”, which is a section at the bottom of the page.

Try to use specific keyword phrases whenever possible. For example, if you are optimizing for a flower store, instead of “flowers” try “send flowers.” Now refine that a bit to reflect how people actually speak (“I am sending flowers.”) and try see what “sending flowers” gets you. WOW! As it turns out, “sending flowers” has very little competition and is extremely popular.

#2 Write a killer title Google loves

Take your most important specific and general keyword phrases and put them together, specific first; general second. Let’s use “sending flowers” and “flowers”. Now separate the keywords or phrases by a pipe (that vertical key over the Enter/Return key). We now have “sending flowers | flowers”. Now go back and grab one or two more relevant keywords like “wedding flowers” and “Mothers Day” and combine them like this “sending flowers | flowers for weddings, Mothers Day and more”.

Now you’ve covered all your bases and build a fantastic keyword rich title that won’t look like keyword spamming. You can also change the Mothers Day to Valentines Day, Easter, as needed.

#3 Write a META description that gets you noticed

This is important. Not only can this tip alone get you ahead of most competitors, but it’s also what readers see of your site before they decide to visit. You need to write something for people, but that search engines will like. Don’t worry. It’s a lot easier than it sounds.

Take all of your keywords and line them up in order of importance. Since “sending flowers” gets more searches than any other, let’s start there and use the same logic for the rest. Now we have, in order, “sending flowers”, “flowers”, “wedding flowers”, and “Mothers Day.” Be sure to improve your keyword prominence (relevance based on position) by using your best keyword within the first few words of the description, like this: “Sending flowers has never been easier. Here you will find inside tips on the least expensive ways to send the freshest wedding flowers, Mothers Day arrangements or whatever else you need.”

As you can see, we used all of our keywords without overloading the text and broke it up a little by adding some detail. It works great! Just try to keep the description at or under 250 characters (including spaces).

#4 Add great content

Why Park does 99% of the work for you. All you have to do is enter your keywords into the article finder provided by the “Research Your Keywords” link (located beside the keywords box.)

Without using any imagination at all, I found 172 articles in a few seconds…

sending flowers – 5 flowers – 151 wedding flowers – 16

Total Articles: 172

Add “roses” and get another 59! That’s 231 articles in 10 seconds. You get the idea – more general related keywords can take you over the top and give you a huge, content-rich search engine friendly site, in seconds!

#5 Use the best-pulling AdSense ad style and color combination

My click-through rate (CTR) tripled when I switched to this format.

Select ad size 336 x 280. If that’s too big, try 300 x 250. And try to make your ad border and ad background colors the same as your Website’s background color. It helps it blend in and take away some of the “advertisement” feel. It’s also usually best to go with the standard blue hyperlink color for the actual links.

#6 Get submitted to major search engines fast and free

I use this place all the time. They submit your site to 40 search engines instantly, for free

You’re ready! You can do this – Good luck!

Author:  Former Information Technology Manager for Harvard University, Michael Small is the author of several well-known search engine optimization books including the SEO Answer Book –